3 Freeware Airports you probably shouldn't miss this week

3 Freeware Airports you probably shouldn't miss this week

So much fascinating and new content is uploaded to Flightsim.to every day that some is quickly forgotten or doesn't get the attention it deserves. Therefore, we would like to help you out with this article and highlight what has been trending this week in freeware airports - creators who have done well, for free! Let's get right into it.

LSML - Lodrino Airfield

Lodrino Airfield is a small location in switzerland in the canton ticino, near bellinzona. It is a old military airfield witch is closed for regular traffic, only maintanance flights are allowed. There ist also based a helicopter company, Heli TV, with 2 helipads to choose. For GA traffic are 5 spots to choose, all of them has a max wingspan of 10m. The runway 16/34 is 876 meters long with papi approach, no lights, as only day traffic is allowed. You can download it right here. Make sure to leave a donation for community creator Heli30!

Aérodrome de Montpellier - Candillargues

LFNG Candillargues MSFS 2020 revisited, change of some buildings as well as vegetation, pose of animals, barriers, various and varied decorations, logos and brands of companies on site, homemade characters, etc. This scenery needs quite a few libraries, put it's definitely worth it. You can download it right here.

EGPL Benbecula Airport

The basic default airfield layout is mostly retained,  the major changes are to the buildings and features around the main arrivals and departure apron. The airport is on the island of Benbecula,  being part of Scotland's Outer Hebrides. The airfield is now run by Highlands and Islands Airports Group and has regular scheduled flights to Stornoway,  Inverness and Glasgow.  There are also flights supporting the nearby missile testing range. You can download it right here.

Project YVR - Vancouver Intl. Airport

Last but not least, there is Project YVR - Vancouver Intl. Airport. Vancouver International Airport is world-renowned, recieving Skytrax's best airport in North America award 12 years in a row. This stunning airport has been brought to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator with Project YVR, a freeware mod, featuring custom models, new taxiway, runway, and apron textures and lines, corrected gate and parking numbers, correct taxiway names and signage (VATSIM ready), full airport night lighting, and more. You can download it right here.