6 US airfields newly released or updated this week

6 US airfields newly released or updated this week

Among all countries on Flightsim.to, we are offering by far the most airfields  - more than 1,300 to be exact - in the United States. This week, 6 particularly detailed ones were uploaded or updated, which we would like to present you.

KPOU Hudson Valley Regional Airport is a towered airport in southern New York near the town of Poughkeepsie. It has 3 runways: 6/24, 7/25, and 15/33. The primary FBO is FlightLevel Aviation with other businesses located on the field such as Associated Air Group and Richmor Aviation. The airport received renovations recently which included a new ARFF facility in the northwest and a new campus for the Dutchess Community College. This airfield created by Community creator Windhover comes with various improvements, such as custom, handplaced taxiway lines and markings, Custom 3D models for most buildings including the terminal, AAG hangars, Richmor Aviation hangar, and more.

Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole (PHKO) is one of two international airports located on the island of Hawaii. PHKO is located on the leeward side of the island, while Hilo International is located on the windward side. The airport has gone through a number of name changes since its construction in 1970. The current name honors Kona native Ellison Onizuka, an astronaut who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986. “Keahole” refers to Keahole Point, the projection of land created by the lava flow of 1801. The package includes gates (curiously, the default airport only offered GA parking), LimaJuliet's version of the iconic tropical-themed terminal buildings, the newer tower and the firefighting facility and more.

Floxtrot's field - This is a fictional version of a small field in the wilderness on the pacific coast. The hangar is situated at the Santa Maria Museum of Flight in real life. This add-on by Community creator WombiiActual comes with a custom hangar, default 3D objects, terraforming and uses objects from Mike.at's asset pack for extra flavour.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is the international airport of the city of Detroit in the US state of Michigan, USA. It is located near the city of Romulus and is one of the largest airports in the United States. Its six runways and three terminals are 197 meters above sea level. The airport is a hub of Delta Air Lines (formerly Northwest Airlines).

Welcome to the headquarters of the Candonians. The Candonian Heights airport is based in the Nevada Desert and is located just 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas making it only a short flight after spending some time at the casinos. Bring your bush machines to this Nevada desert getaway for STOL drag, landing challenges, paved and dirt strips. Feel free to enjoy your own hangar and remember to stop by the bar and grill for a bite to eat. If you happen to arrive late into the lake bed then no worries. Our main runway 01/19 sits at an elevation of 3,931'  and is 5,381' long and is lit for all night operations.

Scottsdale Airport is a general aviation reliever facility with no commercial commuter or airline service and is home to many of the Valley's corporate aircraft. Located nine miles north of Scottsdale's downtown area and in close proximity to a wide range of world-class resorts, hotels, restaurants, and golf courses. Scottsdale Airport is an ideal choice for vacationers and business travelers.

There is plenty more to discover in the US. Make sure to check out our United States Scenery category to don't miss these free enhancements for your game!