Aerosoft Releases Toolbar Pushback Pro

Aerosoft Releases Toolbar Pushback Pro

Aerosoft has released Toolbar Pushback Pro, an advanced rendition of the toolbar pushback Microsoft Flight Simulator utility. This payware product follows the success of its freeware predecessor, offering enhanced functionality and a richer, more immersive pushback process. Priced at 9.99$ excl. VAT, Toolbar Pushback Pro is now available for purchase on It comes with advanced audio and support for VR.

The Pro version offers compatibility with a wider range of aircraft, particularly paid add-ons, although users should note that manual adjustments may be necessary to ensure smooth operation with certain third-party models. Despite potential incompatibilities with add-on airports, which may affect the attachment of the pushback tug, the Pro version aims to deliver a seamless and immersive experience. Compatibility is broad, encompassing aircraft like the Tecnam P2012, B787-8 Kuro, PMDG737, and Fenix A320

Key enhancements include:

  • Ground Services: The Pro version includes jetway, fuel truck, catering, baggage loader, and manual dismissal.
  • Planning and Operations: Users can plan pushback, push-in, and towing operations, with the graphical editor allowing for detailed pushback paths and precise stopping points.
  • Control and Compatibility: The tool supports various input methods, including keyboard, mouse, VR controller, and Xbox controller, and is compatible with seaplanes, 3D objects, and Aerosoft VDGS.

In addition to basic pushback and pull forward planning, the Pro version enriches the auditory experience with custom voice sets, although users should be aware of potential overlay issues with ATC audio when used online. While the freeware version will continue to receive updates, it will not offer the automatic forward towing and advanced audio available in the Pro version. Utilizing Wwise audio technology, the Pro version delivers superior sound quality, with all texts completely re-recorded for authenticity.

Aerosoft's Toolbar Pushback Pro is available for acquisition at a price point of $9.99, excluding taxes, through the store. For immediate access, the tool requires Aerosoft One, an internet connection, and an Aerosoft user account.