Apply to's Creators Program and Aviators Circle

Apply to's Creators Program and Aviators Circle

We're happy to open the application process for two new programs on today - the long awaited Creators Program and the Aviators Circle Program. Neither has been officially launched yet, but we're getting there!

Creators Program

The Creators Program is here to reward our most dedicated and active creators with more than just feedback and appreciation. Every month, will allocate a certain amount of money into a virtual Donation Pool. This pool will then be distributed among our most active and contributing creators each month. The community can add to this pool, allowing us to support creators even more. We will describe the possibilities on how to contribute to the Donation Pool on a later occasion. The amount set aside for this pool is determined by various factors including revenue from Premium Memberships, Store Purchases, total website traffic, and other operational expenses, as well as's financial reserves. For further direct donation possibilities to creators, we are going to introduce Donation Points which users can use to donate to their favorite mod creator. These Donation Points can be exchanged for Store Products, gifted to other users, or paid out in cash via PayPal. The fund we set aside for the pool will be converted into Donation Points at the end of each month and added on top of the creator's Donation Points balance. The monthly formula divides the total Donation Points in the pool by the total unique downloads from all participating mod creators. All donation points go directly to the creators -'s profit margin is effectively zero.

To ensure that the program benefits the creators who are most committed to the community, there are a few eligibility criteria:

  • 10,000 Karma Minimum: You should have earned at least 25,000 Karma points through your account.
  • 10,000 Downloads: Your uploaded mods on should have at least gathered 10,000 downloads in total.
  • Average Rating Score: Your Avgerage Rating score accross all your uploads is at least 4.0 stars.
  • Minimum Age: You must be at least 18 years old. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may need to register for tax purposes.

How to Apply

If you satisfy all the eligibility requirements, we invite you to express your interest by completing this application form for our upcoming Creators Program. Please note that the program is currently in its developmental stage. Submitting your application will place you on a waiting list, ensuring that you're among the first to participate once the program officially launches. It's important to clarify that being on this waiting list does not equate to official membership in the Creators Program. Your placement on the list serves as an expression of interest, helping us gauge the level of demand for the program. We will keep you posted about your application when time comes. More Information about the Creators Program here. More information will be shared as they become available.

The Aviators Circle

Now, for all the avid flight sim enthusiasts out there, we've got something special for you too: The Aviators Circle. Being a member of the Aviators Circle gives you the privilege to test flight simulator products of the Store and provide valuable feedback to both customers and developers - at no cost! You'll also have the opportunity to test and review new products before they hit the market. While the products are yours to keep, we expect Aviators Circle members to provide a detailed review of their authentic experience with a product.

How to Participate

Aviators Circle members are selected by based on their activity and contributions to the community. To be eligible to apply, you need to accumulate a minimum of 10,000 Karma Points on your account. Karma Points reflect your active engagement and contributions to the community, such as uploading content, leaving comments, and participating in discussions. If you don't have enough Karma Points, this requirement can be lifted if you made at least 10 purchases from the Store before, and provided valuable reviews for them. Please take note that these requirements represent the basic prerequisites to submit your application. Given the larger number of users compared to the available slots, operates within limited capacity. Users who stand out for their high level of activity will naturally have higher chances of acceptance. In cases where our current capacity is reached, you might be placed on a waiting list. Click here to apply for the Aviators Circle.

Once you're a member, all you need to do is navigate to your Aviators Circle dashboard. Every once in a while, offers new products to be tested and reviewed among Aviators Circle members - if you're interested in reviewing a specific product, applying is just a click away. If chosen, you'll receive the selected product free of charge, enabling you to thoroughly test it and subsequently craft a comprehensive review for other users and for the developer.