BeyondATC Early Access Released

BeyondATC Early Access Released

After much anticipation, BeyondATC has finally taken flight in its early access phase. Developed by a dedicated team bearing the same name, this cutting-edge addition aims to deliver an improved ATC experience to the Microsoft Flight Simulator, addressing a long-standing demand for more immersive and realistic ATC interactions within the sim. While the early access release may not encompass the entirety of BeyondATC's envisioned capabilities, it nonetheless offers an impressive array of features for simmers to explore. At its core, the tool enables full Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operations for both commercial jetliners and general aviation aircraft across most regions worldwide.

One of the standout aspects of BeyondATC is its diverse range of voices, encompassing over 250 premium and basic options with accents hailing from various corners of the globe. This attention to detail ensures that pilots will experience a authentic ATC experience as they traverse different airspaces.

Available Features

Among the many features on offer, BeyondATC boasts dynamic runway, Standard Instrument Departure (SID), and Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) selections based on real-time wind conditions. Pilots can also expect to receive realistic in-flight updates, such as Pilot Reports (PIREPs), direct-to clearances, and altitude changes, further enhancing the overall sense of authenticity. Moreover, the tool seamlessly integrates with the popular flight planning platform, Simbrief. BeyondATC caters to a wide range of approach procedures, including Instrument Landing System (ILS) approaches, visual approaches based on current weather conditions, and vectors from ATC.

Early Access Limitations and Future Roadmap

It's important to note that, as with any early access release, BeyondATC currently lacks certain features that are slated for future implementation. One notable omission is the ability to inject and control traffic within the simulation, limiting the ATC coverage to the user's aircraft alone. Other features temporarily unavailable during the early access phase include Visual Flight Rules (VFR) operations, emergency procedures, oceanic procedures, and a dedicated Virtual Reality (VR) interface. However, the development team has expressed their commitment to addressing these limitations, with an estimated early access duration of one to two years.

Pricing and Premium Voice Model

BeyondATC is currently available for $29.99 USD, granting users access to the core features, future updates, the Basic Voice Model, and unlimited push-to-talk time. For those seeking an even more immersive experience, the Premium Voice Model requires the purchase of additional "characters" every 15-20 flights, based on usage. Upon initial purchase, users receive 50,000 Premium Characters, equating to approximately one hour of speech.

Community Reactions and Early Impressions

As with any highly anticipated release, the flight simulation community has been abuzz with reactions and early impressions of BeyondATC. While some users have expressed a desire to wait for the full feature set before diving in, others have already taken the plunge and shared their experiences. Several pilots have reported smooth IFR flights, particularly praising the dynamic accent changes as they traversed different airspaces. Minor issues, such as occasional descent profile hiccups, have been noted, but these are to be expected in an early access release and are likely to be addressed in future updates.