Bluebird Simulations 757 and Synaptic Simulations A220 Previews shared

Bluebird Simulations 757 and Synaptic Simulations A220 Previews shared

Blue Bird Simulations took to their Facebook page to share a preview video showcasing interesting features of their upcoming Boeing 757 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The video was created by Ehviator, a real-life 757 pilot who is also a technical advisor at Blue Bird Simulations. In the video, Ehviator goes over some interesting features of the 757, all of which will be included in the upcoming rendition. The video begins with Ehviator reiterating the commitment and dedication of Blue Bird Simulations to bring the Boeing 757 to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

A focus on the Boeing 757’s Rolls Royce RB211 engines is then given. The fan blades and the spinner of the rendition can be also seen. The video then shifts onto the front gear section of the aircraft. Finally, Ehviator goes over the P62 Panel, a panel used by engineers to extinguish and shut down the APU if a fire breaks out.

Synaptic Simulations Previews A220 Cockpit

The Airbus A220 is a family of aircraft originally and until July 10, 2018, developed and built as the Bombardier CSeries by Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. Airbus acquired a majority stake in the program in October 2017.  Synaptic Simulations has recently published a preview of their upcoming Airbus A220 freeware. The preview shared on Twitter showcases the throttle quadrant while it also includes the navigation display and part of the pilot's seat. If you also consider that it is freeware, the level of detail is remarkable.

Unfortunately, we don't know when a release is planned yet. Perhaps there will be more information in the announced livestream. At the moment, a release still seems a long way off.