Bushtalk Radio implements Flightsim.to Scenery Map data

Bushtalk Radio implements Flightsim.to Scenery Map data

Bushtalk Radio is a community-driven project with the aim to fill the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator with thousands of additional landmarks and points of interest - POIs. Each highlighted landmark is given a unique audio tour that is automatically played on arrival. Currently, there are over thousands of points of interest you can explore with more being added daily.

Overview of Bushtalk Radio's map

While each Point Of Interest gives you some sort of relevant information related to the place - such as a Wikipedia excerpt and links to YouTube videos, route planners and summaries - Bushtalk Radio has now implemented an additional Flightsim.to tab, highlighting scenery that is in the immediate vicinity of the POI. For this, Bushtalk Radio uses information from our own Flight Simulator Scenery Map, which already includes thousands of freeware scenery that creators have created and is updated weekly.

With this new feature, it will be even easier for users to find and discover not only audio guided tours and Points Of Interests, but also a proper scenery improvement to take their flying experience to the next level. We are happy that Flightsim.to's scenery map is of great use for the Microsoft Flight Simulator community and we're looking forward for even more scenery to be added!

For more information, make sure to visit BushTalk Radio's website and check out their GitHub page. Also, their client is available for free on Flightsim.to.