Freeware EDDF - Frankfurt Main International updated to 0.7

Freeware EDDF - Frankfurt Main International updated to 0.7

Frankfurt Main Airport is the largest German commercial airport. In terms of passenger volume, it was the fourth largest European airport in 2019 with 70.6 million passengers after London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol and ranked 15th in a global comparison. While this airport is part of Microsoft Flight Simulator's Deluxe Edition, not everyone owns this edition. For users of the standard edition, Community creator integralo has therefore redeveloped EDDF from scratch. At the same time, however, users of the Deluxe Edition can also install this airport.

The project was launched on 07 March 2022. Yesterday it received a huge update with more improvements. For frequent flyers in Germany and Europe, this central Lufthansa hub is certainly a must-have! However, please understand that this airport is still under development, so not everything is quite finished yet. You should see it as an Work In Progress Early Access version.


  • Terminal 2 / Terminal 1
  • RW ILS 25C/07C
  • Gate B 45/44/43/43
  • Gate C 2/4/5/6/8/11/13/14/15/16
  • Gate D 8/8A/5/5A/4/4A/4B/1/1A/
  • Gate E 2/2A/2B/5/5A/5B/6/6A/9/9A
  • Gate V 94/95/96/97/105-130

Added / Changed in 0.7

  • Runway 25L-07R
  • Runway 25R-07L
  • Runway 18
  • Improved Runway markings and Taxi signs 25C-07C
  • Runway marking leading 0 added (exp. 07C instead of 7C)
  • All Taxiways (Not all are textures now)
  • Apron texture improvement at Terminal 2 side (added rubber, dirt and so on)
  • Working runway guard lights at RW 25C-07C (others are coming soon)
  • Many ground and taxi markings
  • Handmade gras area between taxiway L and RW 25C-07C
  • Rubber abrasion at touchdown zone
  • and much more... full changelogs here.

The changelog contains much more updates and fixes. If you are interested, you can view the full version on the files' page. Download for free here.