EFHK - Helsinki Airport Updated to Version 1.6

EFHK - Helsinki Airport Updated to Version 1.6

Freeware Helsinki Airport (EFHK/HEL) in Finland has received a significant update from Community Creator Epixeri. Helsinki Airport is the largest international airport in Finland, serving as a major gateway for travelers. In 2019, it facilitated the journeys of nearly 22 million passengers. The update to version 1.6 includes the addition of custom animated jetways for the terminal extension, new custom models around these jetways, and the installation of missing VDGS devices for specific gates. The ground textures around gates W34-W38 and S43-S55 have seen improvements, furthermore, the GSX profile for Helsinki Airport has been updated, and users are required to download the latest version to ensure compatibility.

This scenery, originally based on a file by kumihiiri, has been significantly enhanced thanks to contributions from Wombii, who assisted with the jetways, and aekki, known for their work on ground textures. The detailed airport layout, custom-made terminal buildings, accurately modeled T1 and T2 extensions, and the new main entrance, among other features, make this add-on a must-have for flights to Finland.

For the best experience, it is highly recommended to use this scenery with the VDGS Visual Docking Guidance system by Nool Aerosystems and the World Update V: Nordics. The GSX Profile for EFHK is available here on Flightsim.to as well. You can download version 1.6 now.

Key Features of the Helsinki Airport Version 1.6 Update:

  • Custom-Made Terminal Buildings
  • Terminal Extensions: Both T2 and T1 extensions have been added.
  • New Main Entrance: The new version also introduces a new main entrance.
  • Custom Animated Jetways: All gates now feature custom animated jetways.
  • Functioning VDGS: The Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) has been integrated into the scenery.
  • Detailed Ground Textures: The ground textures have been improved for specific areas around gates W34-W38 and S43-S55.
  • Jetway Adjustments: Due to jetway incompatibility, B-starts have been removed from gates W34, W36, W48, and S45.
  • Deicing Ramp Starts: These have been removed due to GSX incompatibility.