EGSU - Duxford Airfield Complete Edition: A masterpiece of Freeware

EGSU - Duxford Airfield Complete Edition: A masterpiece of Freeware

ChicoMick released EGSU - Duxford Airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Duxford Aerodrome is located 8 miles south of Cambridge in the parish of Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England, and nearly 1.6 km west of the village. The airfield is owned by the Imperial War Museum and houses the Imperial War Museum Duxford and the American Air Museum. In this virtual version of Duxford, ChicoMick truely proved attention to detail: Every building is represented in fine detail with all signage accurately placed.

The British Airliner Collection has been expanded with additional static aircraft complete with boarding stairs. It features four new spawns around The Fighter Collection hangar and opening crash gates for access to apron. The gates will appeared opened when your camera view is close enough.

Meanwhile, the Lite Edition of this scenery is still available on - released back in 2021. ChicoMick says that the Complete Edition with all this additional detail it will increase need to have good capable hardware equipped on your PC in order to maintain good performance. If there is no need for this detail and you prefer just the 'airside' view from the aprons, you can and should consider the Lite Edition.

For the Complete Edition, there is already a Preview Trailer available.

Installation remains the same, unzip to your Community Folder but be sure to only have one version installed at one time. You can get this freeware download from here.