Emerald Scenery Design Updates Forwood Farm

Emerald Scenery Design Updates Forwood Farm

Renowned content creator, Emerald Scenery Design, in partnership with Got Friends, has recently rolled out an extensive update for their Forwood Farm scenery. The update promises enhancements and corrections that further elevate the experience for users.

Changelog Highlights:

  • All airport buildings have been revamped, with new LODs to minimize distance popping especially on Xbox and to lessen memory usage.
  • Corrected scale issues, such as the size of the Blue Bucket.
  • Addressed AO banding in the Hangar and resolved issues like the hangar door being stuck or floating under specific situations.
  • Improved various models, including the Windsock, Brick Pile, and Campers, making them more memory-efficient and optimized for Xbox.
  • The update also ensures that WWISE audio seamlessly insulates when players are in the cockpit.

About Forwood Farm:
Forwood Farm (EGH2) provides a tranquil farm airstrip set in the picturesque East Retford countryside in the UK. Widely recognized as a favorite spot for Caravanners, it offers myriad trails to wander and serves as the base for towplanes.uk. The latter operates the iconic PZL Wilga 35A G-BUNC, providing towing services for banners and gliders across the UK. The Forwood Farm rendition results from a synergy between Emerald Scenery Design and Got Friends. The latter's visit to the farm for recording sounds from G-BUNC for their Wilga addon, combined with Mykrode and 270inc's efforts in modeling and texturing, results in a scenery that's rich in detail and authenticity.

Key Features:

  • The rendition boasts 30cm/px custom ground textures, a hand-corrected 1m/px Digital Elevation Model, and nearly 100 custom objects and buildings.
  • Vibrant, up to 4k resolution PBR textures, custom vegetation, an animated hangar door, and the adjacent solar field make this rendition a treat for the senses.
  • Dynamic features such as rain puddles that only show during rainfall, UK-native butterflies visible during specific times of the year, and the audible buzzing of bees around beehives when the temperature is above 13C / 55F, make this rendition stand out.

If you are keen on exploring this gem or are already a fan waiting for the latest update, you can purchase this product and dive into the heart of East Retford's charm.