The Fenix Simulations A320 is now available

The Fenix Simulations A320 is now available

As mentioned earlier, Developer Fenix Simulations is working on their own rendition of the Airbus A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Just now, after an hour's prior announcement on their Discord server and more than one year of development, Fenix Simulations has officially released this highly anticipated Airbus aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator on its own webshop at a price of £49.99. Fenix Simulations promises full immersion and speaks of "the future of high-fidelity airliner simulations".

It is worth to note that the Airbus A320 by Fenix Simulations is officially licensed by Airbus. The Base package includes the A320 CFM. The IAE engine variant, and sharklet wing-tip devices will follow as free updates to the base package in the future. Moreover, the base package includes:

  • 181 Free Liveries
  • 200+ Simulations of Failures
  • 288 Working circuit breakers
  • Customisable aircraft configuration
  • And so much more!

The aircraft comes with a feature-complete autoflight suite, including full lateral and vertical guidance modes, RNAV/RNP-AR capabilties, and complex route construction supporting multiple ARINC424 leg types such as Radius to Fix (RF) legs. A “physical” fluid dynamic and air-mass simulation is modelled, with thousands of working components from control computers to individual mix valves for the pnuematic system, represented - and all wired to their respective power source/networks on the aircraft, for an truly in-depth simulation.

The team at Fenix Simulatioons produced this aircraft from their own proprietary 3D scans of the real aircraft. The soundscape is fully 3D too, with every sound placed in the physically correct location and sound recordings made onboard an actual A320 for maximum accuracy and immersion.

It's just a few days after the release of PMDG's Boeing 737-700 that Airbus fans are now being rewarded for their patience. Together, PMDG's Boeing 737 and Fenix Simulation's A320 offer interesting and challenging new additions to Microsoft Flight Simulator that have been eagerly awaited for years. At this time, no difficulties with the purchase process have been reported to us. However, buyers will have to create their own account with the Fenix Simulations shop and save their credentials to receive future updates.