FlightFX Chicago DuPage Airport now available

FlightFX Chicago DuPage Airport now available

FlightFX has released KDPA DuPage Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. For those unfamiliar with the location, DuPage Airport is nestled 30 miles west of the iconic city of Chicago. This airport is not just a hub for private aircraft; it's a cornerstone for aviation in the region. DuPage Airport, recognized as the hub for the largest aggregation of corporate aircraft in Illinois, sprawls over a vast area of 2,800 acres. This expanse accommodates over 30 businesses, chief among them being the internationally-renowned DuPage Flight Center.

In the context of general aviation airports in Illinois, KDPA stands out with its four active runways, dual ILS approaches, and an operational 24-hour FAA Air Control Tower. Additionally, the airport proudly boasts a 7,570-foot runway, an on-site U.S. Customs office, and the most substantial operational maintenance staff for any general aviation airport in the state.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Developed in collaboration with the DuPage Airport Authority.
  • On-site imagery capturing major facilities.
  • Overhauled taxiways and signage.
  • Pristine photographic textures.
  • Unique ground plane.
  • Custom-built rotating radar facility.
  • Expertly crafted UVW map unwrapping.
  • Customized night-lighting textures.
  • Authentic landscaping complemented by natural, undulating runways.
  • Interior designs of principal structures.
  • In-hangar parking for enhanced realism.
  • Modeled interiors of hangars.
  • Handmade commercial signage scattered throughout the airport.
  • Static General Aviation and Corporate aircraft.
  • Landscaping enhancements.
  • Ambient lighting advancements.

In conclusion, this release enhances the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience by bringing one of Illinois' aviation jewels to life. Whether you're a pilot wanting to practice your skills or a virtual tourist wanting to explore the heartland of America, KDPA DuPage Airport is now ready to be experienced in all its glory - available to purchase on Flightsim.to.