FlyByWire A32NX launches their largest release to date - v0.7.0

FlyByWire A32NX launches their largest release to date - v0.7.0

FlyByWire Simulations today announced the launch of v0.7.0 of their popular A32NX aircraft add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, being the largest release to date and featuring entirely custom systems developed and tested meticulously with their pilot staff and QA team.

  • Entirely custom fly-by-wire, autopilot and autothrust systems, written from the ground up to incredible accuracy.
  • Reworked flight model using real-world data, adapted to our custom flight systems.
  • Custom LEAP 1A-26 engine performance model.
  • Entirely custom automatic pressurisation, hydraulic and ADIRS systems.
  • Significant overhaul to avionics system, including more accurate symbology and improved frame rates.
  • flyPadOS 2: New layout, Navigraph charts, landing performance calculator, aircraft configuration options.
  • Entirely reworked cockpit texturing, with realistic amounts of wear for an A320neo.
  • Improved soundscape - entirely custom sound pack with 100% custom samples.

You can download the new release via their installer or website. The new update comes with the long-awaited custom FlyByWire Autopilot and Autothrust system. Besides of improvements to the system deepth of the aircraft, the team also reworked the Cockpit Textures, Interior and Exterior Lights, Avionics and improved the Soundscape.

Using real world references and verified by our pilot staff the A32NX now provides an immersive experience throughout the power up sequence, engine start, flight, cockpit interaction and aircraft shutdown.

You can read the entire changelogs here.