Freeware Airbus H125 Helicopter updated to BETA 1.3.8

Freeware Airbus H125 Helicopter updated to BETA 1.3.8

rotorsimpilot has updated their freeware helicopter Airbus H125 for Microsoft Flight Simulator to BETA 1.3.8. The H125 is said to be the little sister of the Airbus H135 Helicopter Project, also available as freeware on The H125, manufactured by Airbus Helicopters (formerly Aérospatiale or Eurocopter), is a light multi-role, single-engine helicopter. It was Aérospatiale's first helicopter type to be produced on an assembly line.

Huge Update 1.3.4 released back in January

Back in January 2022, BETA 1.3.4 was released with a bunch of improvements.

  • New Starflex Rotor Head System
  • Moved to New Loading Operation
  • Animated Passengers
  • Animated Patient
  • Baggage shows on Loading
  • Bear Paws now Optional
  • Utility Baskets
  • External Mirror
  • New Air Ambulance Technology Interior
  • New Livery courtesy of Vanfipe Liveries
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Textures - Skids now have COMB Texture
  • Improved / More Accurate Modelling
  • Night Lighting in Cockpit & Baggage Areas

Update BETA 1.3.8 comes with further improvements

  • Air Intake Filter Model added to Exterior
  • Added Turn Co-Ordinator
  • New Floor Texture
  • Fixed GENE switch recycling on Startup from Cold & Dark
  • Correct Position of Switches when Spawning on Runway Engine, Twist Grip,
  • Various SU8 fixes/updates
  • Corrected Some Accessories Weights (as per manual)
  • Co-Pilot Pedals Removed in HEMS Model

Can't wait to take off? You can download the new version here on for free.