Freeware ENTC - Tromsø Airport, Langnes Released

Freeware ENTC - Tromsø Airport, Langnes Released

For many pilots, the allure of the Arctic Circle is undeniable. And thanks to Community Creator artogosta, simmers can now explore one of northern Norway's most captivating destinations: the ENTC Tromsø Langnes Airport for free.

Tromsø: The "Paris of the North"

Situated over 400 km north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø offers a blend of natural wonders and cultural richness. Visitors here are treated to the mesmerizing Northern Lights, thrilling whale safaris, and breathtaking ski-touring experiences in the iconic Lyngen Alps. Dominated by peaks as tall as 1,833m, hushed glacial rivers, and captivating blue glaciers, the Lyngen peninsula stands out as one of Norway's most dramatic canvases.

ENTC Tromsø Langnes Features:

  • Custom-designed 3D models for the majority of the airport buildings, enhanced with tailor-made PBR materials.
  • Accurate runway lights as per AIP.
  • The interior has been crafted for the old terminal section, with the new terminal awaiting more reference photos for further development.
  • Gates 18, 19, and 20 boast animations.
  • Gates 21, 22, and 23 are static but are poised to receive animations in upcoming updates.
  • Upcoming V2 promises to introduce custom 3D buildings for the surrounding airport vicinity.

While ENTC is in continuous development, some real-life buildings that are slated for removal have already been excluded in this scenery. The roadmap for future updates includes the redesign of the tower, animated gates, increased height for some gates, and an improved terminal interior.

Artogosta has poured immense effort and dedication into this scenery. While the scenery is offered as freeware, any donations to support the creator's hard work are greatly appreciated. Fly to the heart of the Arctic and embrace the wonders of Tromsø with ENTC on