Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #12

Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #12

Welcome to "Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases" - your weekly spotlight on the most outstanding and innovative additions to the flight simulation community. Every Friday, we dive into the world of freeware, showcasing the most wanted and anticipated releases and updates of the week, or those add-ons, that have been highly in demand. Without further ado, let's dive right into our twelfth edition!

KDET - Coleman A. Young International Airport

Coleman A. Young International Airport (KDET), also known as Detroit City Airport, includes the airport's two runways, 7/25 and 15/33, alongside its accurate depiction of the terminal buildings and surrounding structures. Special attention has been given to the textures and markings on the runways to enhance their realism. Additional features include realistic airport lighting and navigational aids that mirror those found in the actual airport. For more details, you can visit the addon's page on here.

FLHN - Livingstone Intl Airport Zambia

Livingstone International Airport (FLHN), also known as Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport, is situated near Livingstone, Zambia, and serves as the gateway to the famous Victoria Falls, one of the largest and most famous waterfalls in the world. The add-on captures the airport's single runway, 10/28, and its terminal, which handles both international and domestic flights. This scenery includes accurate representations of the airport's layout, buildings, and other essential infrastructure, complete with realistic textures and markings. For more insights, visit the addon's page on here.

SBSJ - São José dos Campos Airport

Professor Urbano Ernesto Stumpf Airport (SBSJ), also known as São José dos Campos Airport, is located in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The add-on provides an accurate rendition of the airport's infrastructure, including its main runway 15/33. The scenery encapsulates the terminal buildings, hangars, and the adjacent Embraer plant, which is a prominent feature given the airport's significance in aerospace manufacturing. The Update 1.3 released a few days ago  includes improvements such as refined textures for both the runway and the terminal buildings, additional updates to the airport's lighting system and updated navigational aids. For further information, you can explore the addon on via this link.

CBB7 - Tipella Airport

Tipella Airport (CBB7), located in British Columbia, Canada, is a small, uncontrolled aerodrome, primarily used for general aviation, is nestled in a picturesque setting surrounded by dense forests and rugged terrain, making it a challenging yet rewarding destination for pilots. The add-on captures the single grass runway, 15/33, which is about 2,500 feet long, along with the small terminal and several hangars. Improvements in the visual representation of the surrounding vegetation and terrain help simulate the unique challenges posed by the airport’s geographical location. For more details, you can view the addon on via this link.

British Airways G-EUUH | Fenix A320 V2

The British Airways G-EUUH | Fenix A320 V2 is a detailed replica of the real-world aircraft with both 8K and 4K texture options created by REM13 under the HUES brand. It comes with custom dirt effects, a fully custom cabin with 3D-modeled additions such as headrests, cabin class separators, and pouches, and an EIS 1 visual modification to closely match the real aircraft.

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