Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #14

Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #14

Welcome to Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases - your weekly spotlight on the most outstanding and innovative additions to the flight simulation community. Every Friday, we dive into the world of freeware, showcasing the most wanted and anticipated releases and updates of the week, or those add-ons, that have been highly in demand. Without further ado, let's dive right into our fourteenth edition!

NZNP - New Plymouth Airport, New Zealand

Are you interested in exploring New Zealand's west coast? This scenery add-on focuses on New Plymouth Airport and incorporates features such as high-resolution textures throughout the airport environment, including car parks, ground markings, and other details. A detailed control tower with staff figures adds a touch of realism to the scene. The apron area, where aircraft park and are serviced, is also accurately recreated with high-quality textures. For more details, you can visit the addon's page on here.

1L7 Escalante Municipal Airport

Pilots looking for a scenic Utah destination can consider the 1L7 Escalante Municipal Airport add-on. This scenery enhancement focuses on the real-world airport located south of Escalante, Utah. The add-on aims to provide a more realistic representation of the airport. Pilots can expect a fully rebuilt runway, taxiway system, and accompanying signage. Additional parking spots and a fuel station are also included. For added immersion, the scenery incorporates an airport fence and a variety of custom-built and library objects, with optimization for different viewing distances. For more, visit the addon's page on here.

KHWO - North Perry Airport, Hollywood, FL USA

North Perry Airport is a public airport in the City of Pembroke Pines, 5 miles west of the central business district of Hollywood, in Broward County, Florida, United States. It is also known as Hollywood North Perry Airport, hence the HWO codes. The airport is owned by the Broward County Aviation Department. It is a general aviation airport devoted to private and business light aircraft activity to include banner towing operations, Emil Buehler Aviation Institute at Broward College, 10+ flight schools, 4+ FBOs, and Broward County Mosquito Control. For further information, you can explore the addon on via this link.

GVNP - Praia Airport

Praia International Airport, also known as Nelson Mandela International Airport, is the main international gateway to Cape Verde. It serves as a hub for Cabo Verde Airlines and plays a vital role in the country's tourism industry. This add-on prioritizes visual enhancements rather than achieving a hyper-realistic depiction of the airport. Please note it requires the installation of all World Updates and the UK2000 Library from the in-game marketplace. For more details, you can view the addon on via this link.

LATAM Airlines Group | Pack for Fenix A320

This add-on pack provides liveries for various LATAM group airlines like LATAM Chile, LATAM Brasil, and LATAM Argentina. The pack goes beyond just changing the colors. It incorporates accurate logos, stencils, and placards specific to each airline, along with pre-installed equipment configurations that reflect real-world LATAM aircraft. Each livery also features a unique registration number. The textures come in high resolutions, with both 4K and 8K options available. More information are available here.

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