Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #3

Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #3

Welcome to "Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases" - your weekly spotlight on the most outstanding and innovative additions to the flight simulation community. Every Friday, we dive into the world of freeware, showcasing the most wanted and anticipated releases and updates of the week, or those add-ons, that have been highly in demand. Without further ado, let's dive right into our second edition!

LIZX - Saslonch

LIZX - Saslonch is a mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator, set in the breathtaking Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fictional airfield offers a unique 500m runway amidst scenic landscapes, providing an immersive flying and skiing experience. The mod is currently in its winter version, with a summer update planned. This mod not only enhances the flight simulation experience but also raises awareness about the preservation of the Dolomites. For more detailed information and to download the add-on, you can visit it here.

LFDU Saint-Laurent-Médoc

LFDU Saint-Laurent-Médo captures the essence of the Lesparre - Saint-Laurent-Médoc aerodrome in France. Ideal for leisure and light aviation, this mod features a 900m grass runway and is equipped for night operations with solar-powered AVLITE. The airfield boasts a rich history, dating back to 1934, and supports various activities like aircraft and ULM pilot training, amateur building, and aeromodelling. The mod also adds realistic elements like 4Cv Renault cars and requires additional libraries for full experience. Download it here.

SEQM 2024 - Mariscal Sucre International Airport

The "SEQM 2024" mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator offers an updated version of the Mariscal Sucre International Airport - an Ecuadorian airport. It includes improvements like a current runway lighting system, new lighting on platforms, TWY B extension, and corrections in runway slope and taxiway elevations. Additionally, it has addressed issues from the previous version, ensuring AI traffic compatibility and removing static planes. Download it here.

Rushmore Helicopters Heliport

The "Rushmore Helicopters Heliport" mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator brings to life a heliport located in Keystone, South Dakota, near Mount Rushmore. This scenery includes custom-made helipads and buildings, with attention to detail evident in the refined terrain based on USGS data. The mod features different levels of detail for minimal frame rate impact and standard library objects around the helipad. It's designed to provide an authentic and immersive experience for helicopter enthusiasts wanting to explore the Mount Rushmore and Black Hills area. Download it here.

YBGD - Boolgeeda Airport, Western Australia

Community Creator CoolGunS has released the version 2.0 update of the "YBGD - Boolgeeda Airport, Western Australia" mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Key updates include a reworking of textures for car parks, roads, aprons, and runway ends, the removal of unsightly vegetation at the end of runway 08, and improvements to apron dashed lines and road markings. Additionally, AI aircraft now backtrack the full length of the runway for departures, and windsock positions have been corrected for accuracy. Download the update here.

Last but not least, is celebrating the winners of the Mod Awards 2023 this weekend. Join us for a spectacular evening as we unveil the winners of the Awards 2023! Our dedicated community has spoken, and it's time to celebrate the exceptional talents that have soared high in the world of flight simulation. Watch the reveal here on YouTube - Sunday, January 28th, 21:00 UTC / 23:00 CEST.