Freeware Luxembourg Airport (ELLX) Updated

Freeware Luxembourg Airport (ELLX) Updated

Luxembourg International Airport, often referred to as Findel Airport (due to its proximity to the village of Findel), recently underwent a significant update. This crucial air hub, boasting the IATA code LUX and the ICAO code ELLX, plays a pivotal role as Luxembourg’s sole international airport. The 3rd version (V3) of the airport recreation by TheRedFox has been released, witnessing a complete reconstruction from the ground up for the third time. The update is available for free on

What is new in Version 3.0?

  • Complete overhaul of the entire airport.
  • Manual placement of each line, Taxi Center/Edge Lights for accuracy.
  • The addition of a Cargo Center.
  • Inclusion of new office buildings.
  • Construction of new towers adjacent to the Cargolux Hangar.
  • Adjusted terrain profile to address bumpy taxiways (though some terrain issues might still occur due to the simulator).
  • Updated Skypark construction site.
  • Addition of various scenery objects.

Each element, from Terminal Buildings, ATC-Tower, Hangars to Ground Textures, and Night Lighting, has been crafted with attention to detail. For a hassle-free installation experience, users need to delete all previous “luxemburg-ellx” folders. Then, simply unzip the downloaded file and drag the “theredfox-ellx-luxemburg” folder into your community folder.

While the project is available for free, users who appreciate the time, effort, and expertise that went into this comprehensive update can show their support to TheRedFox through donations. A donation button is located on the right side of the download page for those who wish to contribute. Please be aware that the package name has undergone a change. If you use Addon Linker, ensure the new folder is appropriately linked. Additionally, the GSX profile might not function with the new update, but plans are underway for a new GSX profile in future updates. Download the update now.