Freeware San Diego Ramona Receives Update 1.3.0

Freeware San Diego Ramona Receives Update 1.3.0

Located in Southern California, Ramona Airfield is a bustling hub known for its vibrant general aviation community. The airfield serves as a critical firefighting base and offers various aviation services, including flight training and aircraft maintenance. With its single runway and picturesque surroundings, KRNM provides a perfect blend of challenges and scenic views. In 1943 the U.S. Navy built a small, dusty airstrip at what is now the Ramona Airport. In 1956, the facility was conveyed to San Diego County and the airport has now grown to become the aviation center for community service to San Diego's inland and mountain communities. The Ramona Airport is the third busiest facility in the County’s system.

Recent Changelog v1.3.0

Content Creator vbazillio has updated their airfield today. The latest update, version 1.3.0, introduces several enhancements and new features to the Ramona Airfield scenery.

  • Frequency Fix
  • Vegetation and Texture Fixes: Addresses previous issues with vegetation and missing textures.
  • Infrastructure Adjustments: Removes incorrect blue light poles and a non-authentic windsock at the threshold of runway 9.
  • Animated Windsocks: Introduces new, free model animated windsocks by TheAirportGuys, with the main windsock illuminated at night for improved visibility.
  • Static Aircraft Models: Replaces generic MSFS aircraft with low poly static planes.
  • Weather Equipment: Adds weather antennas and sensors.
  • Enhanced Helipad: Upgrades the helicopter pad south of the runway.

Please remember to delete any previous versions of the scenery before updating to new one. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore one of Southern California's key airfields. More information and download are available on