FS Traffic for MSFS - Release is imminent

FS Traffic for MSFS - Release is imminent

With their upcoming FS Traffic, Just Flight tries to bring your virtual airports and skies to life with AI traffic. FS Traffic features a fleet of brand-new aircraft models, all designed from the ground up to exploit the enhanced visuals of Microsoft’s new simulation platform, while still providing excellent FPS amd performance. This product has been in development since March 2022, and is now almost ready to release.

According to a post shared on Just Flight's facebook page, the release is imminent.

We're at final testing and tweaking stages now and the release is imminent. Keep an eye on our website, SM channels and be sure to sign up for an email notification on release.  Do this by clicking on the 'Email me when available' button the product page.

Performance has been one of the areas Just Flight has spent of a lot of time perfecting with FS Traffic. The aircraft models and the module behind the traffic generation have all been built from the ground up to take full advantage of the Microsoft Flight Simulator visuals, whilst having a negligible impact on your performance compared to the default traffic options. Just Flight is confident that FS Traffic is one of the best performing traffic programs ever seen in a flight simulation. To support their claims from this statement, Just Flight has attached some images with raw figures taken at 11:00 on a Friday at Heathrow comparing FS Traffic against the default traffic options.

At the time these screenshots were taken, FS Traffic was set at its default settings, and despite generating more than double the amount of AI as the default MSFS traffic options, it is still achieving higher FPS compared to both MSFS Live Traffic, and MSFS Offline Traffic.  Various performance options are also included with FS Traffic that will allow the user to fine-tune the performance even further depending on your preferences.  These comparisons were all done using the “High End” Global Rendering Quality option in MSFS, at the Premium Deluxe version of Heathrow, and with the following PC specs: Ryzen 7 3800XT, RTX 2080 Super, 32GB RAM, NVMe M2 SSDs.

FS Traffic's release is imminent, you can set up an email reminder at their product page. There is currently no information available on the exact release date or pricing.