GAmod Offline Edition Updated to Version 5.0

GAmod Offline Edition Updated to Version 5.0

The GAmod - offline version addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator adds 100,000 worldwide flight plans using custom and AIG models, enhancing general aviation traffic realism. It's designed to be performance-light and includes almost 200K flight plans, with a focus on improving traffic at almost every airport globally, including military bases, while minimizing the impact on performance. Developed by Corsten's Hangar, this add-on has recently be updated to version 5.0.

The addon also introduces military traffic and special traffic like helicopters and hot air balloons, with detailed customization options for traffic density and types of aircraft.

Recent Changelogs include:

  • 5x new general aviation models (DA62, G36, DR400, CAP10, SAVAGE CUP)
  • one notch better LOD: LOD 4 -) LOD 3 (looks better, performance is the same)
  • stock/original 2K/4K Liveries (looks great, takes little bit performance)
  • optimised propellers, gives performance and still is slightly visible)
  • variety of ethinics of pilots (males, females, hispanic, uniforms with bizjets etc)
  • new density settings with more model variance in overhauls airports (every airport in world)
  • Helicopter atc airline call names has now variety of some (by request): Bell 407 Airbus H135, Airbus H125, Bell 429, MD-500, Robinson R-44 etc
  • Helicopter liveries has also some variety (different colour to match with new atc call names)
  • Helicopter and balloon traffic has 3-4 diffrent density option: own community packs to pick one (high density, medium density, low density, ultra low density)

The GAmod - Offline Edition Version 5.0 is now available for download on