Gee Bee R3 | V2: The Wild West

Got Friends is releasing their latest Gee Bee R3 Update today with an incredible amount of new features! The Gee Bee R3 Special is available now for 33% Off the original price as an exclusive offer to customers!

Gee Bee R3 | V2: The Wild West once again gave us an amazing opportunity to deliver an article directly to our supporters! Today is a very special day, we are releasing the Gee Bee R3 Special | Version 2.0.0. to!

WAIT, The Gee Bee R3 Special? Wasn't this already released? Yes! The Gee Bee R3 was Got Friends' first payware aircraft. So why are we releasing an overhaul update? Well... that's a good story for a new release trailer!

Gee Bee Family:

Earlier last month, Microsoft/Asobo announced their new Local Legends; The famous Gee Bee R2 and Gee Bee Model Z. Both these fantastic aircraft are coming to the Marketplace at the end of April. With the new found excitement and recent success of our EA-7 Edgley Optica launch, our team found the time and resources to do a complete overhaul of the original product. We've been waiting to fix scaling issues on the Gee Bee for quite some time now and with the added help of Mykrode (Our Dedicated 3D Modeler) we were finally able to re-evaluate the Gee Bee and fix those much needed design flaws.

Dust, Fire, Lights, Action!

When we started fixing the 3D Model of the Gee Bee, we knew that we had to do much more to bring this aircraft to a definitive state. When we first started development on this project, we were novices. Now, with multiple aircraft in the Got Friends Hanger and new skills, we were ready to take on the challenge. With the 3D overhaul, we chose a 33 ft. wingspan! Slightly smaller than the Spitfire, the new and improved 3D Model needed an engine upgrade and a new flight model. Unfortunately for us, no engine could fit all the requirements needed to throw 2.5-tons into the sky at breakneck speeds. Being a concept aircraft, our team decided to introduce MSFS to our first custom engine; Introducing the Got Friends' Jimmy Doolittle Turbo NOS Injected 1000HP Engine! Yes, 1000HP driving an 11 ft propeller assembly. With a bigger and meaner engine, Got Gravel spent countless hours fully re-working the flight model. The Gee Bee R3 is now faster, stronger and deadlier. Heart stopping rolls, 262 kts max speed with Nitrous Oxide Injection, the new flight model will leave you seeing more as you pass 4.5 miles every minute you scream through the skies. We also added additional visual effects! Whether your dumping smoke over the local airshow, burning nitrous out your exhaust or kicking up dirt during a low fly-by as you leave your competitors in blinding dust, the Gee Bee has you covered! However, with all the excitement already mentioned, that's not a true overhaul update. With that being said, here is a full list of features and fixes added to this update:‌‌‌‌

  • New 3D Model with Proper Scale.
  • Fully VR Compatible.
  • Cleaned up 3D Model for Better FPS.
  • Completely New Flight Model.
  • New Custom 1000HP Engine.
  • Max Speed + Boost Over 260 kts.
  • Added Prop Braking.
  • Added New Prop Physics.
  • Increased NOS Capacity to 10 Minutes.
  • High Quality Texture Additions (4K).
  • Added Ingame Checklist.
  • Added G-Meter Lightbar.
  • Moved NOS Gauge.
  • Increased NOS Power.
  • Added NOS Flame Effect.
  • Added NOS Sound Effects.
  • Added Low Flyby Effects.
  • Added Combustion Effects.
  • Added New Red Panel Light (Fixed Leakage).
  • Added Circuit Breaker Functionality.
  • Fully Native Coding.
  • Changed Light Colors.
  • Added Super Marine Livery.
  • Added Nightime Gauge Emmisives.
  • Fixed Tire Animations.
  • Boost Hotkey on "Emergency Power".
  • Clickable Throttle.
  • Fine Tuned Engine Start-Up.
  • New Sounds in Interior.
  • Re-Written Electrical Systems.
  • New Camera Views.
  • New Thumbnails.
  • Disabled Master Alarm (Vibration Issue) for Xbox.
  • Add NOS Compatibility for Xbox.
  • Panel Collision for VR Zoom.
  • Added Blank Dashboard Photo to Default 3D Model so Livery Artists can customize it and add one of their own.
  • Added Jennifer Connolly Photo to Rocketeer #4 and #5 Liveries.
  • Removed GTN750 for Compatibility Issues.
  • GTN 750 Replacement Package will be available on
  • GTN 750 WTT Replacement Package will be available on

Got Appreciation?

Of course we do! With an update as big as this one, it would be criminal not to give back to our newest friends. Starting today, the Gee Bee R3 Special will be available on for an exclusive 33% Off the original price of $15 USD.‌‌‌‌If you already own the Gee Bee R3, our team sincerely thanks you for your long-term support! The latest Gee Bee R3 will be waiting in your downloads on and SimMarket.‌‌‌‌Expect to see the Version 2.0.0. Update make it's way to the Official Marketplace within the next couple of weeks. If your an official marketplace buyer and/or Xbox player, our team appreciates your patience as we wait for Microsoft to add the latest update to the store.‌‌‌‌Thank you once again for all your support and we look forward to sharing some exciting new projects with you in the near future... VERY NEAR FUTURE.‌‌‌‌