Horizon Simulations Announces Version 2.0 Update for A318ceo and A319ceo

Horizon Simulations Announces Version 2.0 Update for A318ceo and A319ceo

Horizon Simulations, an eminent mod development team for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has proudly unveiled its version 2.0 updates for both the A318ceo and A319ceo aircraft enhancements. The team has been diligently working on a wide range of mod projects, including compatibility mods for various aircrafts. Their A319ceo mod and their A318ceo mod are both intended to enhance the LatinVFR A318 / A319 products. Horizon Simulations has made a host of core changes, improvements, and integrations. It's important for users to note that if they're updating from a previous version, they should delete the old files from their community folder and then extract/copy the updated ones. Directly overwriting the old files is not recommended.

A319ceo Changelog Highlights

  • Processes: Shifted from the "legacy" build process to the "new", aligning with the same process as FlyByWire/Headwind. Additionally, all aircraft have been moved from FBW Experimental to FBW Development.
  • Core Changes: Significant updates have been made to wasm modules, flight models, and aircraft data, ensuring that all characteristics align with official Airbus technical manuals.
  • Sounds and Visuals: Integration of "Newlight" to all aircraft variants and the inclusion of Navigraph charts into the EFB have enhanced the overall in-flight experience.
  • Seatmap: The A319 seating layout has been revamped, offering 156 seats inspired by EasyJet and 40 seats for the A319 ACJ inspired by Qatar Airways' A319 ACJ.
  • Branding: Horizon Simulations branding now replaces FlyByWire branding on the EFB where permitted.

A318ceo Changelog Highlights

  • Processes and Core Changes: Mirroring the updates in the A319ceo, the A318ceo has also experienced extensive changes in its build process, wasm modules, and flight model.
  • Sounds and Visuals: Similar enhancements, including the integration of "Newlight" and Navigraph charts, have been incorporated.
  • Seatmap: The A318 now boasts a seating capacity of 118 seats, taking inspiration from Air France. Additionally, a unique EU style business class seating arrangement has been introduced, simulating the non-use of the middle seat. For the A318 ACJ variant, the layout is inspired by British Airways London City, featuring 32 seats.
  • Branding: As with the A319ceo, Horizon Simulations branding has taken precedence on the EFB.

For those interested in exploring more about Horizon Simulations and their array of mods, visit their profile here. The provided GSX Profiles have also been updated and can be downloaded from their Flightsim.to profile.