Horizon Simulations B787-9 and Kuro 787-8 Updated

Horizon Simulations B787-9 and Kuro 787-8 Updated

Horizon Simulations and Kurorin have released the V3 update for their freeware Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update, a collaboration between Horizon Simulations and Kurorin, enhances the aircraft model by leveraging improvements from the Asobo Studio & Working Title aircraft and avionics update 2 (AAU2) overhaul made to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Boeing 787-10. The V3 update brings the Boeing 787-8 to the same level of systems and flight model as Horizon Simulations' 787-9, introducing new PBR textures and  system improvements in general. Additionally, the update includes WT0.1.18 systems, an updated flight model, new primary flight display, control display unit, and multifunction display colors, toggleable Satellite Communication (SatCom), an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) door page, new PBR texturing, enhanced wing flex, and more.

The entire changelog:

  • [SYS] WT0.1.18(SU13/14beta) Systems (Kuro)
  • [FM] Updated Flight Model (Mark, Rob, Kuro, Adam)
  • [EXT] Toggleable SatCom (Max, Kuro, Toby)
  • [EXT] New Wingflex (Andromeda95)
  • [INT] New PFD, CDU and MFD colours (Alex)
  • [SYS] EFB Door Page (Kuro)
  • [EXT] New PBR Textures (Max, Kuro)
  • [SYS] PFD - VBar (Kuro)
  • [INT] New Camera positions (Cosmic)
  • [FX/INT] New cockpit lights (eatpizza2, Kuro)
  • [UI] Initial Loading Tips (Kuro)
  • [FM/SYS] Fuel Scalar, ETA Fuel and TSFC (Rob, Kuro)
  • [SYS] Fixed OPT being higher than MAX (Kuro)

Horizon Simulations' Boeing 787-9 also sees a little update. The recent update 1.0.1 for the Horizon Simulations Boeing 787-9 includes:

  • Flight Model (FM): Fixed an issue with the nose during takeoff (Adam).
  • Systems: Integrated WorkingTitle B78X version 0.2.3 (Adam).
  • Textures: Updated the house livery (SilkySmooth).
  • Camera: Fixed camera positions (Toby).
  • Miscellaneous: New livery thumbnails (Lionel_Messiah).

Kurorin has also released a Unmirrored PFD mod, which can be used for Asobo/WT -10, Horizon Sim -9 and the Kuro -8. As always, all updates are available free of charge here on Flightsim.to - make sure to leave a donation to support the creators' work, and join their Discord server to stay up to date.