Horizon Simulations set to Release B787-9 on October 27th

Horizon Simulations set to Release B787-9 on October 27th

Horizon Simulations - creators of the popular Freeware Kuro 787-8 mod - is pleased to announce the imminent release of their Boeing 787-9 enhancement for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This highly anticipated aircraft is scheduled for public release on October 27, 2023 as freeware. The Boeing 787-9 will be available for download right here on Flightsim.to. You can also access it through the Headwind Simulations Installer.

The Horizon Simulations team has poured their expertise and dedication into this project, resulting in a host of remarkable enhancements for the Boeing 787-9. The release will include a compilation of approx. 30 liveries as well.

EFB Enhancements:

  • Addition of EFB performance calculations for the -9 and both engine types.
  • Inclusion of a doors page in the EFB.

Model Enhancements:

  • Enhanced exterior model with grime, dirt, markings, and more.
  • Integration of SATCOM into the model.
  • New default wing textures.
  • Separate listing of RR and GE engines in the MSFS menu.
  • Improved appearance of engine cowlings.
  • Enhanced engine fan blades animations.
  • Fine-tuning of wingflex and engine vibrations.
  • Recolored engine spinners.
  • Fresh Hublot/ Parallax window textures.
  • Realistic gear compression simulation.

Lighting Enhancements:

  • Comprehensive overhaul of exterior lighting.
  • Cabin lighting now incorporates "mood lighting" in the external view, tailored to the livery type.

Cockpit Enhancements:

  • Introduction of new cockpit textures (Optional download).
  • Integration of correct engine displays based on engine type.
  • Addition of Vbar option.

Sound Enhancements:

  • Inclusion of a new GEnx sound package.

Flight Model Enhancements:

  • Reworked flight model to align with -9 tables.
  • Adjusted fuel flow to match -9 figures.
  • Revamped taxi model to match -9 specifications.
  • Tweaked idle thrust settings.
  • Overhauled flap configuration.
  • Adjusted drag/lift values.
  • Ensured model matching (Wing area, aircraft length, fuselage width).

Miscellaneous Enhancements:

  • Integration of GSX profiles.
  • Provision of a -9 Paintkit.
  • Offering a choice of over 30 meticulously crafted liveries.
  • Inclusion of -9 tooltips.
  • Correction of -9 description.

Horizon Simulations extends its sincere appreciation to the dedicated individuals who have contributed their expertise and commitment to make the Boeing 787-9 a standout addition to the virtual aircraft lineup. The Boeing 787-9 will be released just prior to VATSIM’s annual Cross the Pond event. Like other 787 variants, the Horizon Simulations Boeing 787-9 will require the Premium Deluxe edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator for full functionality. This edition is necessary to harness the advanced systems logic present in the game.