Huge Update flyPadOS 3 for FlyByWire A32NX is now available

Huge Update flyPadOS 3 for FlyByWire A32NX is now available

FlyByWire has released flyPadOS 3 into the Development version of their famous A32NX mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The flyPadOS has been overhauled with new improvements thanks to feedback from the team and community and aims to provide a more user-friendly, efficient, and consistent experience when using the flyPad. The following information is now on the new dashboard:

  • Shortcuts to take you to where you want to go.
  • Flight status and general information including your planned route.
  • METAR information - customizable with your choice of ICAO (displayed raw or with simple symbology).
  • Active and upcoming checklists.
  • Pinned Navigraph charts.
  • Active failure management.

This new focus on user experience is present throughout flyPadOS, enabling pilots to quickly peruse their OFP, access calculations/charts, seamlessly download simBrief OFP, and integrate easily with online networks such as VATSIM or IVAO. The new version does also offer support for over 30 languages. This would not have been possible without the help of over 200 contributors, and those who have offered to review every corner of the EFB for accuracy. "We cannot stress enough how thankful we are", the FlyByWire team states in their latest NOTAM.

Integrated Pushback, Performance Calculation and Checklists

The new integrated Pushback feature makes it easier to see your turn radius and projected path with the new onboard map. This gives pilots accurate and precise turns during pushback without having to switch to an external view. The new update does also include several features for performance calculation and even interactive "Smart" Checklists. The dashboard on the EFB also intelligently recommends the correct checklist based on the current phase of flight you are in. The checklists page will also display what checklist you currently have active, and what checklists you are yet to complete.

Every flight requires meticulous planning. Charts and procedures are now easily accessible through the new Navigraph charts integration. This way there is no fumbling around with the MSFS toolbar and overlays, which may ruin your immersion. The new integration now supports the aircraft position symbol for better visualization of where your aircraft is on a particular chart.

Further improvements have been made to the Failure Simulation dashboard, while the new online ATC page gives you a simplified overview of what frequencies are online and in range during your flight. A new presets page for lightning allows you to save up to 8 custom presets, name them, and load them up instantaneously at any point during your flight. For those interested in having an AI co-pilot, a virtual co-pilot will sequentially perform necessary setup tasks as in real life - from ADIRs alignment to engine starts.

This update is now available for free in the development version of the A32NX and more features will follow. Please note that when using the FlyByWire Stable version these features may not be available. The update can be downloaded and installed as usual using the A32NX installer. The FlyByWire team has also provided a fantastic explanation and guide to all the new features and how to use them properly in their documentation. To learn more about the new features, you should check it out, and read their NOTAM as well.