Hughes XF-11 for Microsoft Flight Simulator Releasing February 9th

Hughes XF-11 for Microsoft Flight Simulator Releasing February 9th

Flying Fries will bring the iconic Hughes XF-11 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In 1943, the Hughes Aircraft Company embarked on an audacious mission, building a military reconnaissance aircraft with unmatched capabilities. The result was the XF-11, a prototype boasting 6,000 horsepower from two Pratt and Whitney 28-cylinder radial engines. With its 16 enormous blades, a ceiling altitude of 44,000 feet, a cruise speed of 300 knots at 30,000 feet, and a remarkable range of 5,000 miles, the XF-11 was a marvel of its time. Unfortunately, the XF-11's story was cut short when it was destroyed during its inaugural flight, though miraculously, no casualties occurred. Fast forward to today, and Flying Fries proudly presents a virtual replica of this legendary aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Months of meticulous research, including old drawings, schematics, and low-quality photos, have culminated in a faithful recreation of the XF-11. This aircraft features high-quality modeling, exquisite texturing, and an unparalleled level of interaction with each system, switch, and circuit breaker. The flight model is a product of patience and precision, utilizing Asobo's latest tools, including CFD, modern propellers, and a contemporary fuel system. From the complexities of electrical and fuel systems to a custom pressurization module and the ability to operate exterior items directly from outside the plane, Flying Fries has maximized immersion.

Here's a comprehensive list of the XF-11's features:

  • Highly detailed 4K textures.
  • Fully modeled and textured engines, landing gear bays, two cockpit decks, and more.
  • Precise CFD flight model.
  • Era-correct auto-pilot.
  • Optional random failures with different severity levels.
  • Garmin GNS 530 available with a single click.
  • Compatibility with Garmin GTN 750 by PMS50 if installed.
  • Aircraft configuration and refueling via the clipboard.
  • Complex electrical system with functioning circuit breakers.
  • Complex fuel system with 7 tanks and 10 pumps.
  • Variable propeller pitch with feathering and reverse pitch.
  • Custom interior lighting with dimmable and UV lights.
  • Interactive exterior static elements.
  • Seven liveries included.
  • Four LODs for multiplayer performance optimization.
  • Custom sound effects.
  • Custom visual effects, including engine startup smoke and fuel leaks.
  • Interactive in-game checklists and cameras.
  • A comprehensive user manual with illustrations.
  • Hidden easter eggs to discover.

Get ready to experience the XF-11's glory. Mark your calendars for February 9th, when this remarkable aircraft becomes available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, exclusively on