iniBuilds A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Freeware announced

iniBuilds A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Freeware announced

Microsoft and Asobo Studio have announced the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition, as we reported earlier in this news. Part of that announcement was a partnership with iniBuilds to bring a new high-fidelity aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator for free - the Airbus A310.

We are excited to announce our long-term partnership with Microsoft Flight Simulator in developing this complex, immersive aircraft for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. iniBuilds has been a leading aircraft creator within the industry for many years, and we are very pleased to partner with the Microsoft Flight Simulator team.

The aircraft on initial release will be the A310-304 powered by General Electric CF6-80 engines, passenger variant only and is scheduled to be available together with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition releasing this November 2022. Read the full announcement on the iniBuilds forums.

Since the initial announcement iniBuilds Has re-modelled significant areas of the aircraft and completely re-textured the aircraft making full use of the powers of Microsoft Flight Simulator to provide a fantastic visual experience alongside a focus on the details of the Airbus A310. With all iniBuilds aircraft you can expect the complete package; visuals, systems and sounds.

We are super lucky to have access to a real-life flying aircraft throughout the development process and have been able to acquire authentic sound recordings from each area of the real aircraft. You can expect an excellent audible experience, dynamically balanced within a 3D environment, coupled with location dependent audio, as well as the inclusion of audio based on a variety of environmental conditions.

Moving onto systems, iniBuilds has completely re-written the code base for the Microsoft Flight Simulator version, enhancing and improving the A310 systems in all areas from the previous iteration of this product. Significant parts of aircraft have greater levels of dynamic behaviour and reliance for example in their electrical system; each item within the aircraft has an impact on the power drawn from the generators, even individual fuel pumps, which will cause realistic electrical system demand changes.

The FMS allows for more realistic operations on day-day flying, along with new features not previously seen on iniBuilds products. The FMS will allow for full lateral and vertical guidance modes including RNAV approaches and overlay NDB VOR approaches. In addition to these systems, iniBuilds will also provide a newly designed, feature-rich EFB (electronic flight bag). This will allow you to manage weight and balance, interact with the awesome ground services in Microsoft Flight Simulator and much more!

The iniBuilds A310 will be releasing as freeware and will cost you nothing if you own a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator or have an Xbox Game Pass subscription.