Introducing Collections on

Introducing Collections on

We're always on the hunt for new ways to enhance your experience. Today, we're thrilled to announce a brand-new feature we believe will redefine how you interact with mods and add-ons on our platform: Collections! You can now include any add-on in a carefully selected list, allowing you to organize them for your own use or make them available for others to keep track of as you make updates. You can share your collections to enable others to locate those resources without difficulty, or keep them private.

Imagine you're putting together a playlist of your favorite songs. Now, apply that concept to mods and add-ons. That's Collections for you! They are curated sets of mods and add-ons, typically centered around a specific theme or user preference. Whether you're a mod creator or a user, Collections allows you to:

  • Organize mods for personal use.
  • Share curated sets with the community.
  • Discover thematic collections created by others, enhancing your in-sim experience.

To create a collection, open any mod page and click on the "Add to Collection" button on the right sidebar. You can then review all your collections through the "My Collections" page accessible from your User menu. If you decide to make your collection public, you can add an description and apply to get it listed on our Collections page! We all know that the vastness of content on can sometimes be overwhelming. With Collections, you can streamline your user experience by easily locating a curated list by community members, organizing your favorite add-ons, all in one place, and sharing your personal favorites or thematic sets with friends or the larger community. We're still working hard on the feature, so you may notice some things missing or bugs. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback - please use the Feedback button located on the right side of the site! Read more about Collections here. We can't wait to see your collections!


Another feature update we have launched recently is Threads. Navigating through thousands of scattered comments can be a daunting task. We've seen add-ons brimming with over 30,000 comments, making interactions disordered and challenging to track. Enter "Threads" – our solution to transform these interactions into streamlined, meaningful conversations. Mirroring the structure of traditional forums, Threads offer an organized space where users and creators can initiate specific topics, making discussions more focused and comprehensible. Moreover, with the introduction of Threads, we're phasing out the older 'groups' feature from the old UI. Currently, any add-on surpassing the 1,000-download mark will be equipped with Threads. Every such add-on will automatically host two essential threads: "Announcement" and "Frequently Asked Questions" - and both users or creators can create more topics if required. Creators can leverage the Announcement thread for recent updates and key information, while the FAQ thread is the go-to space for addressing common queries or challenges. Although these threads are read-only, they're easily accessible under the "Creators Announcements" tab. Read more about Threads here.


We've received more than 900 pieces of feedback and suggestions for improvement through our dedicated feedback tool. During the past few weeks, you might have noticed that we have already been working hard on addressing your concerns through various changes to the platform. Your active and vocal participation has been instrumental in the ongoing enhancement of's features, and we want you to know that we are reviewing each and every piece of feedback. Since the launch of our new website version, we've already integrated and implemented over 200 of your valuable suggestions - and a lot more are in the pipeline. Please bear with us that scanning through 900 feedback items takes some time. We thank you for being a vital part of this journey. Keep an eye on our Changelog page to follow the progress.

Teaser: Revolutionizing Search with AI on! πŸš€

Ever imagined a search function that understands you almost as well as a fellow aviation enthusiast? We're testing a groundbreaking feature set to redefine your search experience on Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our new search functionality will offer personalized mod suggestions and intuitively understand your queries – it's almost like conversing with a real person. Stay tuned; the future of search is about to get a lot more exciting! Coming soon.'s 3rd Birthday πŸŽ‰

Three years have flown by since first opened its virtual doors to the flight simulation community. Together, we've traversed countless miles and filled the skies with stunning mods and add-ons. As a token of our gratitude for the unwavering support we have already rewarded our Premium Members at the beginning of this month. We've been celebrating by gifting each of you an additional month of Premium membership, absolutely free! Thanks for being part of our journey and support us. Here's to many more years of adventure and exploration! πŸŽ‚βœˆοΈ