Introducing the All-New Message Hub on

Introducing the All-New Message Hub on

The sky's the limit when it comes to communication! We're overjoyed to roll out our revamped Message Hub, designed to take your interactions on to new altitudes. The Message Hub has been designed with creators in mind, based on the feedback and input we gathered over our Feedback tool over the past few months. We realised that creators needed better ways to interact with their subscribers and fans, and the Message Hub provides just that.

Private Messages: Communication is key and should be easy. Dive into a neater, more intuitive interface, where you can from now on find all your conversations with other users. With options to hide chats or spotlight your favorites, you're in control. Plus, we've turbocharged our mobile and tablet responsiveness for chatters on the move.

Tune into Official Channels: Mod Creators and Contributors, here's your runway to shine. Introducing Mod "Channels" - dedicated streams to keep your subscribers in the loop, perhaps just like you would on Discord - without having to request every single user to join your Discord server. Creators and Contributors can use channels to post updates and announcements about a mod. And if you're subscribing a mod, you're auto-tuned into its Channel.

Creator Broadcasts and Announcements: Need to relay a message to your fleet of followers? The "Broadcast" feature has your back. A seamless way to keep the audience engaged, creators can send broadcast messages to all their followers once a day. Besides this broadcast possibility, we have also introduced the "Announcements Channels" for each creator. Similar to Mod Channels described above, they allow you to keep all your profile followers up to date. While users can reply privately to your broadcasts, the announcement channels are closed.

Your feedback has been our co-pilot. With the Message Hub, we're presenting a centralized hub where all your communication needs come to life. It's a one-stop destination, designed to make your experience with the community even more seamless and enriching.

Other Platform Updates & Recent Changes

In addition to the unveiling of the Message Hub, we're also excited to share several new updates. Contributors are back: Mod pages now prominently highlight Contributors. You can add them directly through the Mod Settings page, giving due recognition to those who've played a pivotal role in creating your mod. These contributors receive half the karma of the mod creator, can view the Mod Statistics Insights and can also post in the Mods Channel. For our Creators Program, we do also plan the possibility to share funds between contributors.

On Mod pages, we've added a "Recommended" section, showcasing other creations by the same creator within the same category to make browsing easier. Mod pages have been structured to include a separate "Reviews" tab. This isolates reviews from other general comments and questions, making it easier for users to sift through valuable feedback. Acting on your feedback, we've made the interaction menu for mods more intuitive and removed the previous bottom bar. The buttons have been refined to ensure a user-friendly experience, with different colors and highlighting if a mod is already downloaded or needs an update. The former mod image gallery has been removed and replaced with a spatial view, allowing users to see all images at once, eliminating the need to cycle through slides. Beyond our primary Scenery Map, all scenery category pages now feature a "Map" tab, which displays all the content in that category on an interactive map. Individual Scenery Uploads will showcase their scenery location on a map beneath the mod's description if valid latitude and longitude coordinates are provided.

Similar to mod pages, we've bifurcated store product pages into "Questions" and "Reviews" for better clarity. The Questions section allows users to seek clarity about a product before making a purchase, while the Reviews section is now exclusive to verified buyers. This ensures genuine feedback from those who've experienced the product firsthand.

Not long ago, we introduced Collections, Threads and Activities. Every change introduced stems from the valuable feedback we receive from users like you. We remain dedicated to shaping our platform around your needs and preferences. If you have further suggestions, please utilize the feedback button. Your input is not just welcomed; it's essential in driving our continuous evolution. Safe flights! πŸ›«πŸŒ