IRIS A-10 Thunderbolt II Now Available on

IRIS A-10 Thunderbolt II Now Available on

The IRIS A-10A Thunderbolt II "Warthog Driver" has been recently released  as a freeware addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator. This model is an adaptation and partial conversion of the original A-10A Thunderbolt II from FSX. The aircraft has been distributed with permission from IRIS, marking a significant addition to the military aircraft offerings in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Key features of this release include:

  • An exterior model converted to GLTF format, fully re-animated, and enhanced with new lights and effects.
  • Two distinct models are provided: one standard A-10 with weapons and another Demo Team aircraft with no weapons and fewer pylons.
  • Interactive features such as an openable canopy on the ground, a deployable boarding ladder when the canopy is open and engines are shut down, togglable formation/slime lights, and an aerial refueling door that can be operated.

However, there are some known issues to be aware of:

  • The interior still uses an MDL file, which means the aircraft is not VR compatible.
  • The cockpit gauges are only partially functional and the cockpit elements are not interactive.
  • The exterior weapons currently have a fixed loadout due to a multiplayer lights issue, though this is planned to be addressed in a future update.
  • A limitation in the interior view shows all weapons simultaneously, which is also expected to be fixed.

The creator has openly encouraged community involvement in improving the model, such as adding new COMP files, normal maps, or even an animated cockpit. The package includes original FSX paintkit files, allowing users to create and share new liveries. The aircraft has been well-received by the community, with users praising its design and flight characteristics, comparing it favorably to payware versions. Some users have reported minor issues, like game loading problems and the absence of a pilot in the cockpit, but these seem to be isolated cases.

The IRIS A-10A Thunderbolt II's blend of detailed modeling, interactive features, and community-driven potential for enhancements make it a notable and promising release you can download here for free.