Just Flight Releases F28 Professional

Just Flight Releases F28 Professional

The highly-anticipated release of Fokker F28 Fellowship for Microsoft Flight Simulator just occurred and Just Flight made the aeroplane available for everybody to purchase and enjoy. Following their BAE 146 Professional, this is their second “Vintage Jets” series release.

About The Fokker F28 Fellowship

Fokker F28 Fellowship is a short-range jet built and designed by Fokker, a Dutch aircraft manufacturer, known for a bit more modern aircraft like Fokker 100 or various WWII fighters. This aircraft was designed in the 1960s and was produced until 1987. It was built in four different variants, from Mk. 1000 to Mk. 4000, each of those offering different fuselage stretch and amount of passengers these planes could carry. F28 Fellowship is equipped with two turbojet engines called Rolls-Royce Spey.

The aeroplane isn’t operated by any civil carriers anymore and the last F28 in service was stored in 2019, due to the lack of flight crew capable of operating such beauty. However, the aircraft type is still operated by two governments – Argentina (LADE), and Colombia (Colombian Air Force), which have two F28s in their fleet.

What Does F28 Professional Offer?

Just Flight created a detailed depiction of this famous jet. The team worked hard on bringing the community all four variants of this aeroplane into the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Each of those variants features detailed models with 4K and 8K textures, realistic animations and wing-flex.

System-wise, the F28 Professional is fully operational with all buttons, knobs and switches fully functional. There is also an accessible cabin galley where virtual pilots can adjust cabin lights, temperature and even a music system. Just Flight also dedicated their labour to complex systems, based on real FCOMs, custom flight dynamics, fine-tuned for each variant of the aeroplane and realistic simulation of electrical, fuel and pressurisation systems. Lastly, F28 Professional package also includes numerous liveries for each variant of the aircraft.

You can get this aeroplane for €64.95 via the Just Flight website. For those interested, Just Flight also included a full feature list on the website.