M3 Multiplayer Model Matching - A Game-Changer?

M3 Multiplayer Model Matching - A Game-Changer?

Enhancements to the gameplay experience continue to roll out. A new addition to this spectrum is the "M3 Multiplayer Model Matching" (M3) utility, a free configuration app designed to enhance the Microsoft Flight Simulator multiplayer experience - developed as Freeware by dannymalloy and flyndive.


M3 comes packed with two major functionalities that target the seamless integration of different aircraft models within the multiplayer environment. Model Matching: If you've ever wished to see more authentic aircraft in the multiplayer session, M3 answers the call. This utility generates a package that redirects uninstalled multiplayer aircraft models to similar ones you have installed. For example, if you don't have a Kitfox installed, you can configure it to look like the DHC2 Beaver instead of a generic Bonanza. M3 ensures that your Microsoft Flight Simulator ICAO Aircraft Designator database includes all the necessary ICAO designators, allowing you to see aircraft you own (or closely matched ones) even without the specific livery installed.

The goal of M3 is clear: to eliminate or significantly reduce the number of generic aircraft you encounter in multiplayer. This aligns with the players' desire for a more authentic and immersive experience, and M3 promises a minimum reduction of 90% in generic aircraft appearances.

Installation and Setup

Installing M3 is straightforward. Simply extract the folder "MMM_V1_3" and run the MultiplayerModelMatching.exe executable. You can then follow the detailed instructions provided in the M3 User Guide. The process involves reviewing the list of Source Aircraft (aircraft you don't own) and enabling Target Matching for those you don't have installed. After generating the package and copying it to the Community Folder, you can start the game and enjoy a refined multiplayer experience.

Expectations and Limitations

While M3 is a powerful tool, it's worth noting that some generic aircraft might still appear due to inherent multiplayer issues in MSFS that M3 cannot address. Proper configuration is essential to minimize the likelihood of seeing generic aircraft. Nevertheless, M3 Multiplayer Model Matching adds a new dimension to Microsoft Flight Simulator's multiplayer: Download M3 Multiplayer Model Matching for free.