miniCOCKPIT Announces Expanded Compatibility for MobiFlight

miniCOCKPIT Announces Expanded Compatibility for MobiFlight

Sponsored Ad | Following the highly successful Kickstarter launch of the miniFCU, the dedicated team at miniCOCKPIT is excited to announce a significant enhancement to the miniFCU system. Now offering native support for MobiFlight and SPAD.neXt, the miniFCU is poised to unleash even more possibilities of flight simulation experience, allowing usage on virtually any aircraft add-ons. The miniFCU, renowned for its unparalleled visual accuracy and authentic tactile quality, is meticulously crafted to immerse users in the true sensations of piloting an Airbus aircraft. Co-founders Chit and Geoffrey, both seasoned pilots with over 20 years of airline experience, affirm that the miniFCU goes beyond mere visuals, allowing users to experience the genuine feel of an Airbus cockpit at their fingertips.

"We are thrilled to push the boundaries of flight simulation with the enhanced compatibility of miniFCU for MobiFlight and SPAD.neXt. Our goal is to liberate users from mouse and keyboard, enabling them to manage the aircraft like real pilots", said Chit and Geoffrey, Co-founders of miniCOCKPIT.

To celebrate this milestone, miniCOCKPIT is launching a new wave of pre-orders for the miniFCU at the exclusive price of US$269. Starting from 1600 UTC on January 15, 2024, enthusiasts can secure their miniFCU through the eCommerce store on the miniCOCKPIT website. As part of the launch, miniCOCKPIT is providing complimentary worldwide shipping (free shipping available to selected countries), ensuring a seamless experience for aviation enthusiasts globally. The estimated delivery for pre-ordered miniFCU units is scheduled to commence in March 2024. Please note that VAT/GST/Duty, if applicable, is not included in the price and will be settled by receivers at the destination, as per local government regulations.

miniCOCKPIT remains committed to delivering innovative and immersive solutions to the flight simulation community, and the expanded compatibility of the miniFCU marks a significant step towards achieving this goal.

About miniCOCKPIT: miniCOCKPIT is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the flight simulation community. With a commitment to authenticity and quality, miniCOCKPIT aims to enhance the virtual aviation experience by delivering cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. For more information, visit