Mosquito XE Helicopter Project updated to Beta_v_0.4a

Mosquito XE Helicopter Project updated to Beta_v_0.4a

The Mosquito Aviation XE is a homebuilt helicopter with one seat. By 2015, Mosquito Aviation was out of business and the design was manufactured by Innovator Technologies of Rockyview, Alberta, Canada. It features a single main rotor and tail rotor, a single-seat enclosed cockpit with a windshield, skid landing gear and a two-cylinder. Download it here on

Initially released on March 07, 2022, this freeware project has been receiving several improvements, patches and updates since. Just today Community creator HCG released another new version of their freeware project, including several improvements, new additions and fixes.


  • 2 brand new texture sets and new uv layouts courtesy of twoseventyINC (GotFriends)
  • Brand new Hexadyne P60 engine model and textures thanks to mykrode (GotFriends)
  • Recreated all materials to fix previously broken exports of missing textures
  • Converted both model variants into 1. Floats can be added to either model by the PAYLOAD MENU (ADD 15 LBS / 7KG)
  • Fixed broken/missing animations, including altimeter needles
  • Brand new exhaust FX that should now be working for everyone!
  • Various lighting edits including , lit gauges/panel , the nav, landing, and panel/gauge lights are all dimmable via knobs on dash!(no cabin lighting atm, may add later on and panel/gauges are set on by default, so dim them in daytime if needed)
  • Added working compass
  • Various coding fixes and cleanup
  • PFD is fully functioning now, including lighting control
  • Small edit/fix to airland profile
  • Fixed rotor anims/textures (still like to improve this in future)
  • Remade nav light models
  • Built 2 simple heliport scenery packs for use with the heli, find them on my main page if interested!

You can download the latest version right here on Please make sure to remove the previous version inside your Community folder. If you like their work, make sure to support the creator by your donation.