Navigraph Shares FlightSim Community Survey 2023 Results

Navigraph Shares FlightSim Community Survey 2023 Results

Navigraph's annual FlightSim Community Survey for 2023 has once again provided a deep dive into the habits, preferences, and anticipations of flight simulation enthusiasts worldwide. This year's survey, a collaboration with 58 leading addon developers and organizations, stands out as the most extensive of its kind, with a remarkable participation of 23,736 individuals. The survey reveals a shifting landscape in flight simulation, with an increasing trend towards casual gaming and entertainment. Despite this, a significant portion of respondents, 42.2%, still cite curiosity and interest in aviation as their primary motivation. The introduction of "Maintaining skills/Currency and proficiency training" as a new option this year also highlighted its relevance with 7.7% choosing it.

Hardware preferences remain predominantly in favor of desktop computers, with over 90% of respondents using them for their flight simulation experience. In the realm of graphics cards, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 has seen a remarkable increase, now the top choice among users. Similarly, RAM configurations are leaning towards higher capacities, with 32 gigabytes being the most common. Peripheral hardware choices indicate a stable trend, with throttle quadrants, pedals, and joysticks with z-axis and hat switch control remaining popular.

Virtual airlines continue to be a significant aspect of the community, with vRYR, vEZY, Southwest Virtual, and Delta Virtual Airlines being among the most popular choices. Microsoft Flight Simulator remains the primary software for over 70% of users, with X-Plane and Prepar3D following. Anticipation is high for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, with over 73% expressing interest in purchasing it. Respondents' expectations for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 are centered around performance and FPS optimization. Addon aircraft preferences lean towards realistic and accurate simulations.

2023's standout releases, as voted by the participants, were the PMDG 737, Fenix A320, and A2A Comanche 250, highlighting these products' impact and popularity. Looking forward, the community eagerly anticipates new addon aircraft from PMDG, Fenix, and FlyByWire.

These insights represent just a fraction of the wealth of data gathered in the 2023 survey. The full survey results are available in this PDF Report or on Navigraph's website for further exploration, and Navigraph encourages the community's continued participation and contribution in future surveys.