New Immersion with Floyd's Epic Clouds Preset

New Immersion with Floyd's Epic Clouds Preset

Floy's Epic Clouds is a cloud pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator featuring six majestic Big Cloud variants to fill your landscapes to the horizon. As the developer says, sometimes, Microsoft Flight Simulator's acquired real-world data will give you clear skies, full cover drizzle or fairly straightforward cloud cover when you could do with something a little more interesting. Thus, Floyd’s Epic Clouds can provide mountainously high cloudscapes that have been sculpted to give around 30% cloud cover with swathes of open air in between to provide shadows and light at ground level.

Floyd's Epic Clouds Preset can be downloaded for free on and is already one of the top trending add-ons this week.

How to Install It

  • Download the file and unzip it
  • Put the ‘Floyds Epic Clouds v1.0’ folder into your community folder
  • Restart the sim
  • The pre-sets will appear in your Weather settings list. To remove them, simply remove the settings folder from your community folder.

Floyd’s Epic Clouds can only be fully appreciated by getting high enough to see to the horizon. The clouds look best from the air at sunrise, noon and sunset, over plains or mountains. PIE IN THE SKY TOURS has reviewed this add-on below. Definitely a Must-Have for Microsoft Flight Simulator!