Pilot Experience Sim Teases Maule M7-235 Aircraft

Pilot Experience Sim Teases Maule M7-235 Aircraft

Pilot Experience Sim, a developer primarily known for creating sceneries, is set to release an aircraft add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The upcoming Maule M7-235 add-on is a new venture for the developer and is being positioned as a "study-level" quality aircraft. Pilot Experience Sim provided more details about the aircraft's development in their Facebook page in the past, and has already shared a few screenshots of the Work In Progress before. The add-on is set to include realistic functional breakers, an entirely realistic flight model, and systems.

Recently, Pilot Experience Sim released some new screenshots of the upcoming Maule M7-235, showcasing the attention to detail and texture work that has gone into creating the aircraft. For more updates and teasers, interested readers can follow the developer's Facebook page.

Here are some previews of the exterior model of the aircraft. Great care has been taken at every step of design and texturing. We take advantage of this post to inform you that we will be late. Indeed since the last posts about the Maule we have received many requests. These requests are for options and partnerships and we want to incorporate these requests upon release.

The finalization also takes a little longer than expected, especially on the "Floaters" variation. We want the plane to be perfect as soon as it will be released, so we choose to add an additional delay. We are certain that it is for your greatest pleasure. Our best estimate of release is within two months and will also depend on the duration of ingestion on the market place. You will be notified when beta testing begins and when it endsStay tuned and don't forget to join our Discord!

Overall, the Maule M7-235 add-on is shaping up to be an exciting addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering a high-quality, realistic aircraft experience for virtual pilots.