PMDG 737 shares new Cockpit Preview Images and release news

PMDG 737 shares new Cockpit Preview Images and release news

For a long time we haven't heard anything about the upcoming PMDG 737 add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on is eagerly awaited worldwide and is supposed to finally bring the most popular Boeing aircraft to the simulator. A few days ago, PMDG administrator rsrandazzo finally published more preview images from the cockpit in their own PMDG forum. These look amazingly good.

Throughout the cockpit, existing PMDG customers will note a tremendous improvement in the overall model quality and level of detail. The tremendous capabilities of the lighting model in MSFS really allow us to improve the total visual quality of the simulation in a way that simply couldn't be supported on previous platforms. [...] Flood, wash and dome lighting is all fully variable, along with the panel backlighting. The flexible grimes lights and reading lights are also available for your use if you like to add a bit more lighting to your night flying.

PMDG needs Asobo to take action - Release timeline put on hold

Just a few days earlier, PMDG's head Robert Randazzo expressed his concerns about possibly meeting the planned release timeline. In order for PMDG to successfully continue with development and comment on release dates, Asobo must first implement and make important changes to the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. PMDG has communicated their requirements and concerns to Asobo. Unfortunately, PMDG does not know when exactly, and if at all, these necessary fixes will be implemented from Asobo's side.

We have stumbled into some items that cause us to feel the 737 cannot release without some platform input from Asobo. These items have been communicated to Asobo. Unsurprisingly, Asobo has a highly complex, very busy development agenda and has not provided us with feedback on which items are actionable by them, which are not, and when the actionable items might arrive on user machines. Until we have better clarity on this, it is not possible for us to set a release date for the product with certainty - and thus we are refraining from doing so.

Nevertheless, PMDG will continue to work on their aircraft where possible and hopefully will be able to share more happy news with us soon!