PMDG DC-6 released - Your chance to win a copy!

PMDG DC-6 released - Your chance to win a copy!

PMDG recently released their first high quality, in-depth simulation aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator - a Douglas DC-6, a piston-powered airliner that was first introduced in 1947. You can buy it on their own store for $59.99, while it is currently on sale for $54.99. Apparently, the aircraft will not be published in Microsoft's in-game store for the time being.

The PMDG Douglas DC-6 has been built from the ground up - every surface is modeled to minute detail, right down to dust, scratches in the surface of paint, wear spots on high-touch surfaces and thousands upon thousands of other small details that bring the simulation to life. The PMDG DC-6 takes advantage of the entire array of lighting models available within MSFS, with many new features planned as Asobo adds them to the simulator.

With a range of 4,000nm the PMDG Douglas DC-6 can be used to re-enact both long and short-haul flights from the Golden Age of Civil Aviation. PMDG is well known for their focus on realism and in-depth simulation products. Their Douglas DC-6 faces many expectations to meet. At first glance, PMDG delivered a solid product - both the cockpit and the exterior model look extremely finely modeled and accurate. Their own tutorial series published on YouTube shows how realistically the developers worked - the gamer is able simulate the intricacies of power management through fuel and mixture management, oil pressure, cylinder head temperatures, proper combustion, supercharger operation, dynamic simulation of carburetor icing, and hundreds of additional parameters.

Feature List

  • Numerous free liveries available via the PMDG Operations Center, which is included with your purchase.
  • Package includes both the DC-6A and DC-6B aircraft in multiple, historic variations.
  • Package includes full documentation describing the aircraft, its systems and operation, along with flight planning data.
  • Package includes a full tutorial, and free access to online video tutorials via youtube.
  • Automated Flight Engineer to assist with flying and learning the airplane.
  • Multiple optional configurations to vary the complexity of the simulation to suit the user's tastes and preferences.
  • Compatible only with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Compatible with either/both Microsoft Flight Simulator purchased in the Microsoft Store, or on Steam.
  • This product requires a live connection to the internet for installation.
  • This simulation is for personal, entertainment use only and may not be used for training or currency.

Win a copy for free!

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