PMDG Unveils First Look at Boeing 777 Cockpit

PMDG Unveils First Look at Boeing 777 Cockpit

PMDG recently unveiled the first cockpit images of the Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, providing a sneak peek into the detailed aircraft they are crafting. These previews showcase the the overhead panel's Korrey switches to the non-skid strips behind the captain's seat. The PMDG team has been diligently working on the PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the beta testing phase is already in full swing.

CEO's Commitment to Sharing

In a significant departure from their usual practices, PMDG has decided to offer the flight simulation community a unique behind-the-scenes look at the development of their new product line. This decision stems from the influence of Mathijs, who joined the team last year and advocated for more openness. As the development of the PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator progresses, PMDG plans to share detailed previews, including images and even videos, to give the community a taste of what's to come.

Vin, who has been modeling PMDG's cockpits since 2001, takes pride in creating an incredibly detailed flight experience. The images shared reveal the subtle intricacies and attention to detail that Vin and the team have put into the cockpit. From the fine detailing of switches to the texture of velcro straps, PMDG has left no stone unturned. They've even gone to great lengths to capture the realism of items like high-visibility vests and crew bags in storage lockers.

What's Next

As PMDG continues to add planned features and refine the aircraft, they're getting closer to a release date. Rest assured, when that date is set, PMDG will share it with the community and we will let you know.