PMDG Updates 737 and Shares Info About EFB

PMDG Updates 737 and Shares Info About EFB

PMDG has in two latest development updates shared information about their upcoming EFB for their aircraft, as well as a recently released update for their 737 line-up. The update 3.00.0044 brings to the PMDG 737 some important changes and improvements. The main one is definitely a compatibility update with the Sim Update 11 beta. The Sim Update 11 is also going to be released very soon. This means that it will be easier for the team to update their aircraft for the official Sim Update 11.

Furthermore, there are fixes to the aircraft itself. The development team focused on fixing various issues around the aircraft. In this update, PMDG fixed the issue when pilots didn’t show in external view sometimes, there is also a new AT SPD mode system as well as VNAV and AFDS fixes.

Something about EFB and 737-900

In the second development update published in the past few days, Robert Randazzo also talked about the EFB and the upcoming 737-900. The 737-900 should be released in the upcoming two months. However, things may change. According to this post, the PMDG Universal Tablet (or EFB) is the next thing the team is going to test. It has been under internal testing over the past six weeks though. The beta team should also get their hands on the bare EFB first and then they will get an aircraft with a fully implemented EFB. The tablet won’t be linked to 737-900 only.

Speaking of the 737-900, the PMDG team is working hard on it. Although currently, they are mainly focusing on maturing the aircraft behaviour of the 737 for the Sim Update 11 and the tablet. The beta testing team should get their hands on this plane in two weeks’ time. Furthermore, there are also discussions about getting their 737 series to the MSFS Marketplace. While there were some issues with this, the 737 might be online on the Marketplace soon.

Lastly, the Boeing 777 line-up is also progressing at a good pace and it already seems to look very good. Unfortunately, Robert didn’t want to share much more information about the 777 as of yet. On the other hand, this might change very soon.