Project Mega Pack announces its end

Project Mega Pack announces its end

With an extensive community filled with creators, Project Mega Pack aimed to distribute community created addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator with ease. The Project was founded back in August 2020 by Clink123, and became very famous for its popular Liveries Mega Pack. Project Mega Pack offered a simple and easy way for users to download most popular made liveries by the community in one single bundle. The project was partnered with and we allowed creators to submit their liveries uploaded here to Project Mega Pack as well. We achieved this by using an technical integration. But the possibility of submitting new liveries to the pack has been paused by Project Mega Pack for a few months now. Yesterday, Clink123 finally announced the end of support for all their projects.

Project Mega Pack had not only liveries to offer, but also aircraft. The most famous aircraft projects were their Airbus A321-200 and the Airbus A330-300. Originally, a Boeing 747-400 and a Boeing 737-800 were also planned to be released, but these projects have not yet been completed. At least, their two Airbus aircraft can still be downloaded on their homepage, partly also on the Discord server of Project Mega Pack. In addition to the default Liveries Mega Pack, some sub-packs have been developed over time, such as the Ultra HD Sub Pack, A320neo Realistic Sub Pack or Best Of Mega Pack Sub Pack - these also contain liveries sent in by creators, but specifically selected by the team, for further enhancement in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Yesterday, Project founder Clink123 announced end of support for all Project Mega Pack Projects.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of all support for Project Mega Pack Projects. It has been an amazing year and a half and I am so proud of what the team has accomplished here. We have certainly had our fair share of issues, and I wish we could have done more, but sometimes in life it is time to move on. That being said, this isn't the end for me or for our team.

As both A330-330 and A321-200 are open source, these projects can still be found on GitHub and people are free to fork and continue on these projects. We will remove both items from the platform, as official development has been discontinued. In regards to the 737-800, Clink advises to head over to Qbit's discord server.

My primary focus has shifted from Flight Simulation to FiveM server development and the creation of my own historical civil war video game. If you want to keep up with my projects, join me over there. I know you are probably disappointed by this decision, but I have to make this tough choice due to many real life issues and shifts in interests that led to this. This project has been one of the most fulfilling of my life, and I thank you all for being a part of it.

Project Mega Pack's Discord server and will stay online for the time being, but all support and downloads will be ending in the near future. On behalf of, we'd like to thank Project Mega Pack for the good cooperation, and it was an honor to work together with their team to give the community an unforgettable experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As of today, we are also officially removing the integration with Project Mega Pack from the site.