Rara-Avis Sims releases Zippy Sport for MSFS

Rara-Avis Sims releases Zippy Sport for MSFS

Rara-Avis Sims has released a new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available to purchase at Flightsim.to for $9.99 excl. VAT. The Zippy Sport is an American single-seat single-engined monoplane designed by Ed Fisher. Ed Fisher first designed the Zippy Sport, which was officially introduced in 1983 as a participant in the Dupont/Western Flyer design contest, and was marketed through Fishercraft.


  • For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 only
  • Custom PBR textures.
  • 3D propeller blur.
  • Detailed 3D model.
  • Uses MSFS pilots.
  • 3D gauges.
  • 3D wing ribs.
  • Custom camera positions.
  • Paint kit (TIF format with layers).
  • Windscreen icing effect.
  • Custom animations.
  • Six different liveries (four are fictional).*
  • Custom plexiglass texture.
  • Custom decals.
  • Tyre smoke and dust FX.
  • Custom door animation.
  • Animated landing gear suspension.
  • Uses default MSFS 2020 glass gauges.
  • Custom checklist.
  • Windscreen rain FX

Additionally, the plane comes with six liveries and a paint kit to create more. The Gulf & JPS liveries are available to download for free at Flightsim.to.

Freeware by Rara-Avis Sims available

Rara-Avis Sims has been developing aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator since FS9 (FS2004) and since then supported every iteration of the simulator. With Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, they previously released the Whittaker MW6 as a freeware here on Flightsim.to. With an average rating of 4.92 out of 5 stars, the airplane was gratefully received by the community. If you want to support the developer, buying their latest aircraft is certainly the right choice.