Removing Cabin Sounds and its category

Removing Cabin Sounds and its category is a place where people share their mods, creations and add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator with the whole world. We are proud to be able to offer such a place and are now looking forward to almost 20,000 thousand add-ons. While started out small, the amount of daily uploads has increased steadily. We would like to continue to focus on what's success is based on: Highlightling user-created, handmade and unique content to enhance your immediate in-game experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator. That said, we are removing non-original content hosted on - content that are not add-ons or mods in the classical sense.

Cabin Sounds

Starting from today, we disable the possibility to upload cabin sounds, cabin announcements, Safety announcements or Boarding music. These uploads have - in most cases - actually become nothing more than conventional MP3 recordings, taken, recorded, copied or cut from several sources, mostly from YouTube videos. These are not files that can be integrated directly into Microsoft Flight Simulator and thus not add-ons in the classic sense. Such recordings are freely accessible on the Internet as listed above - for example on YouTube - and can be listened to or downloaded by anyone. However, there are also several legal concerns when uploading such files, which are often uploaded without the prior knowledge of the airline or the author, in combination with copyrighted image assets material. We understand that users enjoy cabin sounds, but they don't fit into the picture of what means to us: Handmade, original user-created content. Affected categories are TFDi PACX, LukeAirTool and Cabin Sounds.

Downloads are still possible

Starting from September 20th, 2021 we will archive the existing content and no longer display it on the site. Until then, you can still download the files relevant to you.