REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition now available

REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition now available

REX Simulations has released an exciting update for their popular product, REX AccuSeason. With the introduction of AccuSeason Advanced Edition, users can now enjoy a multitude of new features and improvements that further elevate the realism and visual appeal of their virtual environments. They developed AccuSeason Advanced Edition, which introduces a range of new features that enhance not only the vegetation but also the overall terrain and weather representation within the simulator.

Terrain Coloring

One of the standout features of AccuSeason Advanced Edition is the addition of terrain coloring. This feature allows users to not only adjust the color of the trees but also modify the terrain to better match the environment outside. By seamlessly integrating the terrain coloring feature, REX has created a more cohesive and realistic visual representation of the world within the flight simulator. Currently, terrain coloring is available for regions such as the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Iceland, with plans to expand to more areas in the future.

Weather Scenarios

AccuSeason Advanced Edition takes weather representation to the next level by introducing a wide array of season-oriented weather presets. With over 38 options to choose from, users can select weather scenarios that accurately reflect the unique charm and challenges of specific climates during different times of the year.

Enhanced Vegetation and Tree Types

AccuSeason Advanced Edition goes beyond just adjusting the height and color of trees. REX has added new biomes, tree types, and other terrain features to better reflect the diversity of vegetation found in different regions of the world. For example, Aspen trees, known for their vibrant yellow hues during autumn, now grace the landscapes of Colorado, including popular destinations like Aspen, Telluride, and Breckenridge. Larch trees, which display stunning yellow and orange hues during the autumn season, can be found in the Cascade mountains of Washington and other northern areas of the United States and Canada.

Lower Vegetation Density for Cities and Towns

AccuSeason Advanced Edition introduces a new feature that allows users to adjust the density of vegetation in these areas. By reducing the vegetation density, the virtual urban environments become more realistic and harmonious, closely resembling their real-world counterparts.

Resilient Coloring: Consistency in Visual Representation

AccuSeason Advanced Edition addresses a common issue in flight simulation where vegetation may appear faded or discolored due to light ground textures or unnatural coloring in the underlying ground image. To combat this, REX has introduced resilient coloring, a user-controlled feature that ensures consistent vegetation coloring even in challenging visual conditions. With resilient coloring, simmers can enjoy a more visually pleasing and accurate representation of vegetation.

Automation and Customization Modes: Tailoring the Experience

AccuSeason Advanced Edition offers two distinct modes of operation: Automation and Customization. In Automation mode, the application automatically changes seasonal foliage on a weekly basis, providing a globally synchronized experience throughout the year. Additionally, with the Advanced Edition, users can now also change terrain coloring to match the seasons. On the other hand, Customization mode allows users to manually configure seasonal elements, such as foliage, terrain coloring, and weather scenarios, using a wide range of presets.

Upgrading to AccuSeason Advanced Edition

Existing customers of AccuSeason can upgrade to AccuSeason Advanced Edition free of charge. To upgrade, users can download the new update either through the AccuSeason application or by downloading the Advanced Edition from their account on the REX website. Further instructions of updating can be found here. If you haven't purchased REX AccuSeason yet, you can get a copy on the Store.