Sim Update 5 for Flight Simulator: The Performance Patch

Sim Update 5 for Flight Simulator: The Performance Patch

Microsoft and Asobo have released the performance patch for Flight Simulator that was already teased at the end of June. Sim Update 5 brings the game client to version and is said to bring improved multi-core support, better use of memory and GPU, faster load times and significantly less stuttering.

As several sources report, 27 gigabytes had to be downloaded last night as part of Sim Update 5. It seems that the Microsoft servers did not cope well with the rush, as users report very slow downloads and subsequent problems logging into the game. If you have to struggle with very slow downloads  - here's our tip: Connect to another continent using a VPN. While servers in Europe are overloaded from time to time, a connection to US-servers using a VPN can sometimes result in significantly faster downloads - or the other way round.

"Performance Plus"

Microsoft and Asobo are aiming for significant "Performance Plus" improvements with Sim Update 5, which is available for download now and rolls out version Actually, it was thought that such performance advantages could only be achieved by the announced switch to the Direct-3D-12 renderer, but the developers have apparently managed to find considerable potential on DX11 code basis.

Together with the release on Xbox Series S|X not only the performance advantages were rolled out, but according to the changelog also some new features. But first things first. With Sim Update 5, the player receives "significant performance improvements to make the gaming experience even smoother". Explicitly mentioned is improved multi-core support for the CPU, which was already mentioned at the end of June. Asobo promised that they had managed to reduce the CPU load and thus increase (and smoothen) the fps even without Direct X 12. To this end, the DX11 code has been significantly reworked, especially with regard to the CPU load, but the GPU load has also been improved. Overall, this also leads to better use of memory and GPU, faster loading times and significantly less stuttering. PC players who suffer from stability problems or long loading times should move their community package(s) to another folder before restarting the title.

In addition to noticeable performance improvements, the new update for Flight Simulator also includes a variety of features that make the experience more accessible to new simmers - welcome Xbox players! Mentioned are exploratory flights to the world's most beautiful locations, position labels for better orientation, anti-stall and auto-trim assistants, an in-flight flight assistant toolbar panel to quickly create a flight plan to reach nearby airports and POIs, an updated cockpit interaction model with more informative tooltips, additional landing gear types to land anywhere, improved training flights and cross-play/cross-save between PC and console. The complete changes can best be read in the changelog directly at Microsoft.

At the same time, Microsoft has published a list of known issues that come along with the Sim Update. What are your impressions of the new Flight Sim patch? Use the comment function and let us know what you think!