Study-Level ATR For MSFS To Release This Tuesday

Study-Level ATR For MSFS To Release This Tuesday

Asobo Studio has recently taken to the Flight Simulator website to share a new development update regarding their Flight Simulator with us. This new development update covers especially community-based releases. However, in this one, the team also shared news regarding World Update 13: Oceania and ATR-42 and 72.

World Update 13: Oceania

On March 22nd, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team hosted a developer stream on Twitch, where they announced the upcoming content for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This included the upcoming World Update 13: Oceania. This update will bring the simulator users a detailed rendition of Oceania, Hawaii and Antarctica.

In the stream we can now find a recording on YouTube, the hosts mentioned that this World Update will bring over 140 custom points of interest, 14 different airports and airstrips, and 3 research bases. There is not much information on photogrammetry cities, as there is not enough coverage of this part of the world. Lastly, there are going to be various region-related activities for virtual pilots to enjoy.

Hans Hartmann ATR-72/42

The ATR by Hans Hartmann is going to be the first in the Expert Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Together with World Update 13: Oceania, it is scheduled to release on Tuesday, March 25th, 2023. This rendition of the ATR is going to include custom avionics, systems, autopilot, flight dynamics and so on. It promises to bring a realistic ATR simulation to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Again, in YouTube’s live stream recording from March 22nd, the main focus was to show off the custom avionics of the aircraft. Especially the Multi-function display, virtual control panel, map and terrain display and much more.

Various Information From The Development Update

Lastly, Asobo Studio also shared some different information that might be interesting for the community. Firstly, the team has released an updated version of the PDF manual for the AN-225 Mriya, which you can now find here. There is also going to be a new development stream on Wednesday, May 3rd. The team aims to discuss future development, and roadmap and answer viewer questions regarding the future of Microsoft Flight Simulator.